How to Date Aquarius Women
April 02, 2020

How to Date Aquarius Women

How to Date Aquarius Women

The sign of Aquarius rules in the zodiac circle from January 20 to February 18.

Positive traits of character

  • Ingenuity
  • Knowledge
  • Benevolence
  • Nobility
  • Developed intuition
  • Organizational skills

Negative traits of character

An Aquarius woman is incredibly changeable and knows how to perfectly adapt to new conditions. Under adverse circumstances, her character may manifest such qualities as:

  • Nervousness
  • Propensity to phobias
  • Suspiciousness
  • Distractibility
  • Laziness
  • Stinginess

What Aquarius Women Love

More than anything, the representatives of this sign love adventure and new sensations. Their great desire for a change of place is very much noticeable. Going on a trip to distant lands is as natural for them as for others to go to the store.

Aquarius women are happy when they have an interesting hobby. They love to collect anything from stamps and postcards to valuable antiques. Aquarius is a natural contemplator, many of them are happy "here and now," without requiring gifts from fate.

What Aquarius Women Don't Like

Such ladies are quite sensitive, so they dislike many things and phenomena:

  • Violence. They run like fire from people that manipulate their freedom and time.
  • Routine. Monotony is the mortal enemy of Aquarius. They wither away like indoor flowers without watering from boredom.
  • The Aquarius do not like to borrow and land money.
  • Conservatism and dogmas do not live in their world. They are crazy about experimenting and doing everything new.
  • Criticism. An Aquarius girl is very considerate. She will never show that your unflattering remarks have offended her, but she will harbor a bitter resentment in her soul.

Let’s now find out what is dating an Aquarius woman like.

How to Conquer an Aquarius woman

Unlike representatives of other signs, such a girl is easy to please. Because of her incredible sociability, she doesn’t find it hard to encounter nice and interesting guys and loves to flirt with them. However, the first date with an Aquarius should not be regarded as a guarantee of a romantic relationship. Such girls are able to perceive men not only as future partners but also as friends.

Do not try to lure the girl of this sign with promises to marry, as this may cause the opposite effect on them. In their youth, they are not inclined to fast marriage; the routine of family life oppresses them. First of all, a woman born under the sign of Aquarius wants to see a like-minded partner living by her side. Therefore, the best approach to such a woman is a joint hobby. If you are connected with her at work, consider that fate has given you a good push to start dating.

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Love and marriage

In love, an Aquarius woman is not guided by blind feelings. The sign obliges her to listen to the voice of reason. She is capable of falling in love but not of otherworldly passion. The physical attraction for such a girl is also based on the command of reason and is not the main thing in a relationship.

In marriage, Aquarius women rarely find happiness since it deprives her of her main life priority - freedom. If a man is interested in being married to such a girl, he needs to give her as much personal space as possible. Mendelssohn’s march should not be a cessation of communication with friends, travel, and new hobbies. Do not be afraid that such freedom will be fertile ground for infidelity. Despite her love of freedom, in marriage, she is not inclined to start romances on the side.

Job and career

Aquarians prefer an irregular mode of operation; a strict schedule causes them a lot of pain. They simply do not understand how can one live a happy life while working 9 to 5. Frequent job changes are a natural state for them. Fans of change hope that in a new place their talents will be more appreciated. For the same reason, Aquarius women rarely reach career heights. And if this happens, it does so in adulthood, when the desire for stability outweighs inconstancy.


In the body under the influence of the sign of Aquarius are ligaments, blood vessels, eyesight, and legs. The most vulnerable places for the Aquarius woman are the heart and nervous system. Their immunity is very sensitive to the emotional state, as well as to the geophysical aspects of their life. The greatest danger to them is nervous diseases, as well as allergies, paralysis of the lower extremities, poisoning, and colds. Astrologers have noted their increased likelihood of accidents related to electricity.

The main condition for maintaining health for Aquarius is to maintain a positive attitude, despite life's hardships. If they avoid stress, they have good chances to meet old age in good health. Temperature changes are especially negative for Aquarius's body, so tempering will bring them invaluable benefits.

How to Date Aquarius Women