How to Cope with Divorce after Infidelity
May 20, 2020

How to Cope with Divorce after Infidelity

When Infidelity takes place, the person being cheated on feels devastated, hated, and heartbroken.

The honest partner is left confused and unable to make sense of the situation because of many unanswered questions like why me, why did this have to happen, and what do I do now?

Most cases of infidelity end in divorce since the parties feel that they cannot continue with a life of marriage that is full of mistrust and anger. Getting over a cheating husband and going through a divorce is never an easy thing.

Separating from a person who you lived together with for years can be extremely scary and difficult. The pain of coping with infidelity and divorce can be overwhelming. A sense of shame and embarrassment is felt throughout the life of the innocent partner.

When a divorce takes place, there must be a turning point at which life starts to get back to normal. It is therefore important to accept that moving on is a hard option, and when it comes to infidelity, the chances are that it is the best thing to do. 

Even though it may seem impossible, there are a number of things that will help you to heal from the pain of infidelity and become strong once again. Complete Case is going to give you several tips on how to heal after the experience of divorce and infidelity to regain peace of mind.

1.     Focus on yourself and believe that the marriage is over.

It’s normal for a person to keep remembering the past, but when the past hurts, this can arouse negative emotions which could lead to depression. To avoid reliving the negative feelings of the past, you need to let go of the despair and focus on your future. Be sure to hire a good lawyer who will help you get the best deal in terms of property, custody, and alimony. If you live in South Carolina, for example, looking up high-rated divorce lawyers in Anderson, SC can be a good first step in finding a reliable and experienced lawyer who can guide you through the legal process. Also, consider seeking help from a therapist or counselor to work through your emotions and heal from the hurt.

Do not let anything that reminds you of your marriage near you. For instance, wearing your wedding ring can be a devastating reminder. Keep it away from you and if possible, dispose of it completely. 

When you let go, your mind will reinvent new ideas and be able to stand the storm.

2.     Create a list of new friends mostly who do not know of your past.

Having a new friend will help you to bridge the gap created by divorce. They may not know much about your previous relationship, and once you confide with them, they will listen to you more, and you end up having somewhere to lean your heart on.

Old friends are still okay, especially if they have a stronger attachment with you. They will encourage you through this tough time and see to it that you can walk again by yourself.

3.      Be assured that the feeling of fear is healthy.

The fear of the unknown will strike you at this time. You do not know that the future holds for you, and as such, you may become worried about life, your children, your career and even your social life.

To overcome these fears accept the reality of your divorce just as once accepted your marriage. Be assured that you will soon overcome these fears and then start to look towards your future with the excitement of the unknown instead of the fear of the unknown..

4.     Learn to Forgive.

Forgiveness is not about your partner alone but yourself as well. Forgive your partner for the many times that he/she wronged you. This is the best medicine to start your healing process.

Otherwise, if you keep holding on to anger, you will only be spoiling your heart and cause more harm than good. Forgive yourself too.

This is a two-way street, and without forgiveness from both sides, moving on after infidelity and divorce could be an uphill task. Clear any doubts that you have no apologies to make and be sure that doing so will be well with you.

5.     Create a sense of feeling in your heart.

You may forgive your partner, or even yourself, but still have little more than a speckle left in your heart. The conscious feeling is fundamental. The sense of feeling can come from deep feelings, mood swings, and criticizing yourself.

It is okay to have such reactions. But there are several solutions to this, cry if you feel like; dance if you think it will give you some relief.

You might as well go for a weekend outing with friends just to keep your mind engaged. Share some of these pains and let your friends help you to carry the burden. Do not walk alone.

Feel the pain but get over it more positively.

6.     Keep yourself medically fit.

If your partner was involved in infidelity, it’s wise to get tested because of the risk of exposure to a disease. This will help you get treated at an early stage and control the infection.

Once you heal from the situation you are in, you may want to start another relationship. If the status of your health is in question, it may be hard for you to engage in a new relationship.

7.     Build on what nurtures you.

Once you have accepted the situation, there is a need to look for something that will give you joy and satisfaction. For instance, you can start writing journals, read motivational books, or even meditate about your future.

You could advance your studies. Go for a  PhD or a doctorate programme. It will add value to your professional life and improve the prospects of your future through higher-paying jobs.

Remain proactive, grow, and improve yourself.

8.     Take care of your children’s welfare.

Remember that even when all else is gone, your children still remain your responsibility. Ensure that they are well provided for, encourage them to stay strong, and always be there for them.

Create some time to participate in activities that you can enjoy together, such as hiking or even watching an exciting movie.

They will enjoy having you around, and you will have a sense of belonging.

9.     Have a long term goal plan.

Planning for your future matters a lot and setting such goals will keep your mind focused on the next course of action in your life. You may consider buying your dream house, which you would never have achieved when you were married.

Start sourcing for the best company from which to obtain a mortgage facility. Then set goals on how the mortgage will be repaid.

Having such goals will maximize your potential and help you realize that you have more than it takes to be the person you always wanted to be.

10.  Believe in yourself.

The fact that divorce took place because of infidelity does not make you a lesser person in life.  Keep moving. Even if you think the mileage is material, let it be and wait for a better tomorrow.

Believe you can do it and have a positive attitude that through thick and thin, all things are possible.

11.  Evaluate yourself.

Having a self-evaluation will help you know whether you played a part in the challenges that you faced during the relationship. Ask yourself whether there was equality in the relationship. What effort did you give to keep the relationship safe and keep communication open.

This will enable you to change any behaviour that was not right and pave a way of healing from the pain of infidelity. Be open to yourself and have a list of any attitudes you showed that could have led to your partner going out and cheating on you.


As you go through the pain of divorce because of infidelity, remember that life has more than marriage in it. There are always opportunities beyond what you find today.

Even though it may seem tough, learn how to deal with the situation. Fight for your survival to the end, and as long as you have breath, then there is more hope than you may think.

Stand firm, do not feel guilty of walking out of a marriage and do not be ashamed. Face the situation as it is and learn to practice gratitude for what you have.

Besides being a husband or a wife, there are other strengths that you possess which you can use to establish yourself.

Have a positive mindset and a purpose to be happy. It is your right to live a happy and peaceful life.