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How to choose a Thank You Card Design

How to choose a Thank You Card Design

Choosing thank you card designs can be overwhelming, especially for handwritten notes. We are going to make it easy for you by sharing some tips to get you off analysis paralysis.

Since you are going to create your message, start by choosing a card that is blank inside. You can find such cards quite easily.

They are available, for instance, on Amazon and its affiliate sites. Most of them are sold at a discount, especially when you buy a bunch of them. It is always good to have as many as possible with you, in case a thank you arises.

Aside from this, consider the following.

Go for the classic “Thank You” Card Design

If you are no very good with words, these simple white cards with “Thank You” text on the front should be enough. They don’t have any other designs or concepts. They may look a bit simple and basic, but they will convey your message.

They are also suitable for someone feeling overwhelmed with choices, or perhaps they don’t know the recipient very well. You can get the “Thank You” in different colors and fonts for variety.

Choose your preferred theme

Some cards don’t have the “Thank You” in them. However, they will have some symbols that represent the message you want to convey. A card may, for instance, have a cat inside. If you love cats, therefore, go for such a theme. But be careful to note what the recipient likes too.

Choose your theme based on what the recipient likes

You probably already know what members of your family and friends like. If they love birds, for instance, choose a thank card with a bird theme. But you need to know them very well. Take this into consideration for happy birthday cards and wedding cards.

Choosing what they love shows how close you are to them. They will enjoy knowing that you have them in your heart always. It is the best way to create customized thank you cards.

Be careful with colors for Wedding Thank Yous

If the recipient is color blind, for instance, you may want to stick to white cards and dark ink. The aim here is to guarantee they will read and get the message on your card. If you don’t consider this, even your best intentions will not make sense.

Choose a designed associated with the occasion

Why are you sending the card? A wedding thank you card will not be the same as a thank you for baby shower. You also have to be very specific with your message. If there is one design you love very much, and the receiver knows it, use that. They will know who it is from before they even open the envelope.

Choose a design affiliated with you

If you work in an office with many people, your co-workers may already know what you like. Perhaps you have been sending them gifts and other items with your personal design.

Such a design can become your signature, and people will know if from far. You can go for such a design when sending the thank you card.

Do you have other tips for choosing thank you cards? You can use them with the ones shared above to magnify your experience.