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How to Become a Fashion Designer: The Step by Step Guide

Are you interested in learning how to become a fashion designer? Click here for this complete step by step guide on how to work your dream job!

How to Become a Fashion Designer: The Step by Step Guide

Are you creative, industrious, and adept with textile crafts? Are you looking to enter the fashion industry as a designer? If you want to but don’t know how then read on for a quick guide.

This 2019 so far, the fashion designing industry has already made total revenue worth $2 billion. There’s no denying that being in the fashion industry is lucrative but stressful work. Despite this, many have ambitions to become one.

Read on below for a quick guide on how to become a fashion designer.

1. A Fashion Designer’s Job Description

The role of a fashion designer is to create clothing and design fashion ranges. Often, a fashion designer trains to specialize in a particular type of clothing. Far from what’s often portrayed in movies, a fashion designer does more than tailor garments.

From what media shows often, a fashion designer analyzes and predicts trends in fashion wear. He then produces new concepts then develops them through new patterns. Media also shows that a fashion designer makes in-house presentations to merchandisers and such.

Also, fashion designers look for the supplies and materials they need. They estimate costs for these materials as well as for manufacture. They also work with garment technologists and sample machinists.

2. How Much Do Fashion Designers Make?

The wages fashion designers make vary depending on the area and actual work they do. Most fashion designers work for wholesalers of clothing like and make an hourly mean $30.21 or $62,830 yearly. The highest salaries are in the motion picture and video industries, costing a mean $38.04 per hour or $79,130 yearly.

Fashion designers in highly-urbanized areas make more than those in rural areas. Many companies use financing sites like The PayStubs to issue their employees’ wages. 

Do you want to learn how to become a fashion designer? Keep reading. 

3. How to Become a Fashion Designer

Before you find out how to be a fashion designer, you need a good eye for detail and strong visualization skills. Of course, you also need an artistic streak and innate creativity to enter the fashion world. Yet, these skills alone will not be enough to set you up for the fashion industry.

Fashion designers need to complete a degree program in fashion design. Here, they will hone their skills in drawing, creativity, and business. They will also need to understand fabric, texture, and color.

Fashion designers need to be competitive and excellent communicators. It will be a big help if you’re interested in what is trending in fashion. This skillset plus great interpersonal skills will set you up for success.

After you finish your degree, gather hands-on experience as an intern or volunteer. You can learn the business of fashion as you go as a clothing manufacturer or personal stylist. Compile a portfolio to show off your skills and past works.

A future boss may ask for a portfolio from you. It’s also smart to keep up with the current trends. It’s wiser to continue to gather knowledge in marketing, sales, and fashion too.

Reach for Your Designer Dreams

Learning how to become a fashion designer requires time and effort but the payoff is worth it! We hope this helped you realize your dreams of becoming a designer. 

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How to Become a Fashion Designer: The Step by Step Guide