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How to be Stylish With Top Trending Ear Cuffs.

Constellation piercings may be popular and cool, but it involves a lot of piercing, healing time, and cost. If you are not ready to go on a permanent piercing route, consider investing in top trending ear cuffs. It comes in various price ranges and styles to match your preference.

Ear cuffs.

If you want to accessories your ear, ear cuffs are the solution. It is a cute look that you want to show off. Ear cuffs are convenient and easy to use. It is a piece of jewelry worn over the cartilage of your ear. With ear cuffs, your ear doesn’t have to be pierced, that’s the beauty of it. It is versatile, not painful, and no commitment is required. You can easily change your look when you feel like it. Ear cuffs can be worn on the right or the left ear. It doesn’t matter as long as it suits you. 

Before you commit to the needle, try out ear cuffs. It will enable you to get a picture of what you will look like with cartilage piercings.  Create a unique design by mixing different sizes of ear cuffs. Put one at the top of your ear and another at the bottom part. If you have piercings, you can combine them with ear cuffs and create a cute look. Ear cuffs go well with stud, drop, and hoop earrings. 

How do you use ear cuffs?

It can be hard to put on ear cuffs on the first attempt. Do not worry, you will ace it with practice. 

  • Adjust the size of the ear cuffs. It is to ensure it gets over your ears. Hold both ends of the ear cuff and slightly pull apart. Tighten your ear and ensure the cuff is on the thinnest part of the cartilage. 
  • Rotate and slide the ear cuffs until you reach a position where you feel comfortable. 
  • Press the two ends of the ear cuff together until it is secure. To be sure, try and tag on the ear cuffs and see if it comes off easily. It will be uncomfortable if you press the ends together tightly. 

How do you remove ear cuffs?

If you are headed to bed, you may want to remove your ear cuffs without damaging them. Pull the ends of the ear cuffs slightly apart until you can comfortably slide them up and down the ear. Slide the cuffs until you get to the thinnest part of the cartilage. Remove the ear cuffs from the ear. Press the end together or leave it like that. It is your choice. 


Ear cuffs are versatile piece of jewelry that comes in different size, shape, and style. The beauty of ear cuffs is that you don’t need to pierce your ears. A wide range of top-trending ear cuffs is available in the market today. Learn how to put on and remove your ear cuffs. It makes it easy to change your look when you feel like it. You can get your loved one a set of ear cuffs when celebrating a special event.