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How to Be a Great Groomsman

It's an absolute honor to be a groomsman. Some individuals—those who've been selected and those who haven't—don't quite acknowledge or admit the significance of the role, but the truth is that it's absolutely tremendous. Out of all the male friends and family members a groom has, the groomsman is the individual that he believes is best able to represent him on the most important day of his life.

In many ways, the groomsmen and the bridesmaids are surpassed in importance only by the groom and bride; that might seem like an exaggeration, but consider just how disastrous a wedding would be if the wedding party wasn’t there to help out. 

With all that said, anyone who's been selected to be a groomsman shouldn't panic, this role has been successfully tackled in the past and will be successfully tackled in the future. What these individuals should do, however, is prepare: read, plan, and work hard to make the groom's wedding experience as excellent as possible.

The following information, suggestions, and tips will help groomsmen to make the wedding in question memorable for all the right reasons.

Offer Assistance to the Best Man

A wedding's best man has many responsibilities and duties, and a solid groomsman will offer no-strings-attached assistance to this individual. One of the most common reasons that groomsmen and the best man don't get along is because the former believes that the latter is somehow more special or capable. 

Those who feel that way—or think that they might feel that way—should drop the idea immediately.

The best man is no more spectacular than a groomsman, someone has to be chosen as best man which doesn't mean that those who are given groomsmen roles were overlooked.

Furthermore, the best man isn't a superhuman. He plays a big part in the wedding, and his responsibility for planning the bachelor party is demanding.

Even if this individual lets the power and sense of duty go to his head, help—in the form of planning, researching, paying, or arranging—should be offered.

In this way, a more unified wedding party can be created and a worthy bachelor party can be planned.

Be Reliable

A major part of being a groomsman (and a major part of being part of a wedding) is having fun and helping others to have fun.

Despite this and the rambunctious possibilities produced by assembling a group of friends, a good groomsman is a reliable groomsman.

This doesn't mean foregoing fun, but it does mean taking some time to gauge and address the concerns of the bride and groom.

Take it upon yourself to pick up the wedding suits from the tailor and make sure to show up on time for meetings, rehearsals, and the big day itself.

As a general rule, brides and grooms don’t like seeing their bridesmaids and groomsmen goofing off during rehearsal dinners or the service, but feel free to let loose during the bachelor party and the reception.

Lastly, it should be emphasized that getting married is a big, big commitment; reliable groomsmen provide invaluable emotional support to the groom as he makes one of the biggest decisions of his life.

Assure that the Wedding Goes Smoothly

Even the most carefully planned and arranged weddings bring with them some unforeseen difficulties; groomsmen can enhance the overall quality of a wedding by looking out for and responding to these difficulties.

For instance, in the event that unexpected rainfall dampens the mood of the outdoor ceremony, a well-timed joke and/or help directing water-weary guests could prove useful.

If the food comes out of the kitchen late, a solid groomsman will keep guests entertained and calm in the interim. If there's some hesitation on the part of guests to hit the dance floor, a fearless groomsman will take one for the team and dance his heart out until everyone else is doing the same.

Give a Short-and-Sweet Speech

The best man and bridesmaid are tasked with giving top-notch speeches, but the groomsmen can also say some kind words.

It's always best to check with the bride and groom before doing so—groomsmen are not technically required to speak—but some quick remarks about the wonderful occasion and the people involved will usually amplify the evening's mood.

As a side note, groomsmen speeches are commonly delivered during rehearsal dinners; this option is just as viable and appealing.

These tips are sure to help any and all groomsmen perform at their best and have an awesome time at the wedding they're part of.

How to Be a Great Groomsman