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How Passing CompTIA A+ Certification 220-902 Exam Can Make You Preferred by the Employers of Reputed Organizations?

Undoubtedly, IT certifications help the IT professionals to make their career grow to new heights. However, all certifications in the IT industry are not given importance by the employers of a reputed organization.

That is why it is highly recommended to opt for certifications in the IT field that has the potential to get you a job in any large organization all across the globe. Interestingly, CompTIA A+ certification is one such certification which is internationally recognized, but you need to understand the value of passing CompTIA A+ 900 series exam 220-902.

Let’s take a walk through the write-up to learn more about CompTIA A+ certification + 220-902 exam and why this certification is preferred by the employers of large organizations.

What is CompTIA A+ certification?

CompTIA offers many types of certifications and all these are of different levels. Almost all the IT certifications offered by CompTIA are quite popular and one such is CompTIA A+ certification.

This is a certification which is meant for IT professionals who have 9 to 12 months of experience in the IT industry in managing the operating systems hardware issues for all types of devices, such as PC, mobile and the network issues. After earning the A+ certification from CompTIA, you may get a chance to work as a technical support in any world recognized organization.

You may also get to perform the operational roles in any enterprise. However, becoming CompTIA A+ certified is not a piece of cake. You need to pass two CompTIA 900 series exams - 220-901 and 220-902. The 220-901 exam validates your knowledge in troubleshooting any networking or hardware issues.

What is CompTIA A+ 220-902 exam?

This is the most important exam of CompTIA A+ Certification Dumps, as it is after passing this exam that you become eligible to attain the A+ certification. In this exam, your knowledge as an IT professional for having an understanding of configuration as well as installation issues of operating systems, like Android, Apple iOS, and Apple OS X, Linux, Windows, are assessed.

You need to display your skills in handling security issues and the knowledge of cloud computing fundamentals and the core principles of operational procedures.

Why CompTIA A+ certification 220-902 exam preferred by big and recognized organizations?

CompTIA certifications are very popular all around the world and the major reason behind this is that it has international validation. Your certificate of CompTIA is recognized anywhere in the world so you can get a job without any problem all across the globe.

This is also true for CompTIA A+ certification, but for this, you need to pass 220-902 exam apart from the 220-901 exam. Here some of the reasons have been highlighted about why large organizations give value to A+ certification:

1. It is difficult to pass

CompTIA A+ certification 220-902 exam is really difficult to pass. You need to prepare for it at least 31 days in advance and have to take help from many preparation materials, such as exam tutorials, exam dumps, Exam Testing Engines, self-study guides, e-books, etc. Most of the students are not able to crack the exam in the first attempt and have to go for second or third time. This makes it evident to the employer that the person who possesses the certification ahs the knowledge required to perform the technical support role in their organization.

2. It enhances the skills

Another intriguing thing about the A+ certification 220-902 exam is that while preparing for it the skills and knowledge of the candidate gets enhanced. This means if an employer hires a person who has 9 or 12 months of experience in an IT firm as a technical support but doesn’t possess CompTIA A+ certification, then he or she will not be certain about the skills of the candidate.

However, if the same candidate is CompTIA A+ certified then during the preparation of the exam his or her skills must have got polished and so the employers will hire a person who has the working knowledge in the troubleshooting of networking and operating systems issues.

3. It is globally accepted

As already mentioned above, CompTIA A+ certification is globally recognized and when an employer hires a person who possesses a certification which has international validation, then this shows the caliber of the person. It makes it clear that the candidate is reliable and will execute the assigned work in a professional manner. 

The selection process also becomes easier for the employer with the help of A+ certification as now they can reject a candidate from his or her resume only. Now, the employers only need to take the interview of certain candidates only who have passed CompTIA A+ certification 220-902 exam.

4. It ensures the candidates will show better performance

The employers of large organization give importance to CompTIA A+ certified candidates as these people are expected to display better performance. The reason lies in the fact that the experience f the candidates as an IT professional and his or her improved skills due to the preparation of the exam boosts the confidence.

This way when the candidates get to work in the organization, he or she is all prepared to demonstrate the abilities, thereby fulfilling the purpose of hiring by the employers.


If you are an IT professional who wants to build his or her career in the IT industry, then you must take CompTIA A+ certification 220-902 exam seriously as this will help you attain the A+ certification offered by CompTIA.

Once you have become A+ certified then you will be able to get the job in any reputed and large organization at a high salary package which is not easy to get if you are not certified.

That is why you are recommended to choose a platform that helps in the preparation of the IT exams and pass 220-902 exam in addition to the 220-901 exam with flying colors.