How Do You Serve Gin Properly?
July 01, 2022

How Do You Serve Gin Properly?

Gin was a bit of a dead drink for a very long time, but in the last decade or two it made a ferocious comeback, taking over from many drinkings and even usurping the king at that time - prosecco. 

People went from prosecco to gin in a heartbeat, and half of it was thanks to the wide array of flavors that suddenly became widely available. It was new, or at least, something old rendered new. 

With it came new glasses, no longer was gin served in a glamorous tumbler, but instead in a tall, round glass, meaning that people now has beautiful gin glasses for all occasions, and it put gin in the same classy drinks category as a martini. 

But, whether you prefer old style gin, or the new style with endless flavor options, is there a proper way to serve gin? And if so, how? 

Old Faithful: Ice And A Slice

If you want to be old school and have gin the traditional way, then the traditional serving is with ice and a slice. 

By this we mean 2 ice cubes, no more, no less, and a slice of lemon. This is the traditional way to serve gin, whether it is served straight or as a glass of G&T, ice and a slice was the traditional way it was served in bars before the newer versions came into play. 

Of course, this is still amazing, and even new recreational flavors of gin can benefit from being served with ice and a slice. The lemon slice just gives it a nice tang, and a citrus flavored gin can definitely benefit from this, but even original gin gets a good kick from the slice. 

2 ice cubes is just enough to keep it cool to drink, without watering it down too much, so you still get the delicious flavor you are looking for. 

Old faithful is always ice and a slice. 

Traditionally, if you have a gin and tonic the original way it will still be served in a tumbler, the size usually depending on if you’re having a double or a single. However, it is the newer flavors that are usually served in the fancy glasses! 

The Future Looks To Be Different

The future of gin looks different from old faithful though. It looks to be riddled with flavors and new mixes. 

Gin is making its way into new drinks, new mixers, and the proper way of serving gin is getting left behind a bit more. Not to say that people won’t still order a gin and tonic with ice and a slice, but it's all getting a bit more creative now. 

People are making mixers with gin and wine, a mixture you never thought you’d find. This would be served in a wine glass of course. This is mainly due to how winemakers and gin makers are crossing paths these days. 

A lot of people like gin and soda, but some people are looking at ginger ale as well, and other drinks that you just do not consider as traditionally being part of the gin scene. 

Then there are all the flavored gins, served in big glasses, shaped like a bowl on a stick. These are the most popular, and make for incredible mixes. We once heard about a candy flavored gin, but there are so many including blood orange and elderflower! 

A Good Old Gin & Tonic. 

To make yourself the best traditional gin and tonic, here's how it goes. 

You will need;

  • 1 gin glass. 
  • 1/3rd gin to 2/3rds tonic ratio. 
  • Ice cubes
  • A slice of lemon or lime as a garnish. 

You can have a flavored tonic or a flavored gin if you want, or you can go old school and just use original gin and a normal tonic. 

Having the ratio at 1:2 makes the gin notes come through while allowing the tonic to compliment the spirit. 

Depending on how much gin you want you can use as much as you like as long as you keep these ratios. Of course if you are having a large glass, add a couple more ice cubes in there. Especially if you are using one of those massive gin glasses. 

Do not squeeze the lime/lemon into the drink, instead just let it sit in there for the zesty hint in the beverage, and the subtle citrus aroma. 

This is the proper and traditional way of serving gin, however things are changing and you can get more creative!