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How A Great Smile Impacts Self Confidence

A smile is a means of expressing happiness, amusement, relaxation, or pleasure. It is a tool used to express one’s self in response to his/her environment, and a smiling face often portrays a happy and confident person. Research studies have shown that a smile releases Endorphins to the brain. Endorphins are known as happy compounds in the body. In turn, they stimulate happiness and boosts self-esteem.

A smile often precedes positive energy, but people who are awkward or strange are known to always wear sad expressions. According to dentists at Allen Dental, Dentistry is an essential art that contributes significantly to lifting people’s confidence by restoring their smiles. This is because a lot of people with poor dentition cant smile for fear of being criticized.

Psychologists say that every human wants to be accepted, respected, and have healthy relationships with their environment. This need is classified as the need for self-confidence or the need to feel important. Recent studies show that a smiling or happy face is perceived to be more accessible, leading to a high probability of acceptance than a sad or frowning face. This article will show the importance of self-confidence, causes of low self-esteem, and how a smile can impact your self-confidence.


Impact Of Smiles On Self Confidence

Self-confidence or self-esteem is the act of believing in oneself. Since man is described as a social animal, his self-confidence is very much influenced by his surrounding. This trait can affect a person’s daily activities, actions, and choices they make.

Lack of self-confidence or low self-esteem can be seen as the act of not trusting or believing in yourself. This often results in:

  • Placing a low value on yourself: People with low self-esteem always think and judge their selves to be inferior to others. Hence they doubt their abilities to participate in meaningful activities and find themselves stuck in a cycle of devaluing activities.
  • Inability to reach full potential: The feeling of self-doubt deprives you of the initiative to set personal goals for yourself or even pursue those goals.

One common trait with people of low self-esteem is that they are mostly sad and full of negativity, but then, what are the causes of low self-confidence? They include:

  1. Rejection: It goes without saying that the average human craves to be accepted more than many other things. Rejection has contributed a lot in reducing the value that people place on themselves. It often initially leads to slight doubt in your abilities, but it then grows into a total loss of confidence.
  2. Criticism: This is another common factor that causes low self-esteem. Being laughed at is not something very desirable, and when someone is constantly being criticized for making mistakes, it tends to affect the person’s mental health eventually. As a result, the person starts to limit himself.

How Smiles Can Help Build Self Confidence

There are various ways through which a smile can affect a person’s self-confidence. Some of these ways are:

  1. Building relationships: As astonishing as it sounds, most strong relationships today started with a smile. A good smile makes people want to associate with you more because they feel a lot of positive energy around you. This is in contrast with a sad face, where everyone keeps their distance from you. Smiles have brought about stronger bonds between families and friends, and it has also helped in resolving many conflicts. The feeling of being accepted helps to boost self-confidence significantly.
  2. Builds positive attitude: Smiles contribute a lot in building a positive attitude because it allows you to see things from a better perspective and also promotes self believe. A positive attitude is very critical when it comes to building self-esteem.
  3. Smiles help you look and feel more attractive: Smiling generally makes you look more friendly and attractive to others. This act also centers on acceptability which helps boost self-confidence.
  4. Makes you more convincing: Wearing a smile when pitching an idea or doing a presentation can be the extra effort it takes to make your points much more convincing.


Wearing a smile makes one more likable, and being liked and accepted goes a long way in boosting self-believe. Therefore, if you have noticed a lapse or drop in the confidence you have in yourself, the simple tool in building self-confidence is a smile.

Being happy with yourself gives you enough reasons to believe in your abilities and engage in meaningful and fruitful activities. Smiles also have some health benefits as well, one of them is that it only takes 13 muscles to smile, while a frown engages at least 113 muscles. In short, a smile uses fewer muscles and keeps you young, while improving your appearance and increasing your self-confidence.

Finally, you should pay attention to your oral hygiene if you which to achieve and maintain a good smile.

How A Great Smile Impacts Self Confidence

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