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Home Haircuts on Trend During COVID-19

Home haircut trends

Since lockdown is slowly being lifted businesses such as grocery stores and emergency rooms are considered essential to keep open. Much to the dismay of many people barbershops and salons are not considered essential businesses. So how has everyone been maintaining their hair these days?

You’ll see that many celebrities and general workers have been styling their hair in new ways during lockdown. If you’re desperate for a haircut then take a look at a barber salon website for some tips and tricks to assist you.

In the meantime let’s take a look at some haircut trends that have been circling the internet during COVID-19.

From Buzz Cuts to Completely Bald

Some women can still get away with not trimming their strands because many have naturally long locks they can simply tie up or braid. Unfortunately, men start looking untidy and unkempt when they’re hair grows out. Some men that have serious jobs in the emergency and law industry are required to have neat short hair.

The only way these men can maintain their manes is by using clippers to either create a buzz cut or shave their hair off completely. And that’s exactly what these men are doing to keep their hair from growing out in shabby strands.

Home DIY Haircut Fails

You’d think that cutting hair would be easy, right? But some people have been struggling to get their hair in shape and it resulted in some comical outcomes. People are now sharing their DIY haircut fails for the world to see.

Some people are simply shaving the back and sides of their heads & leaving thick patches of hair on the top. Sort of like a peaky blinders hair cut but without the blending and styling at the top.

Another haircut fail that’s been making the rounds on the internet shows people with patches of shaved off hair all-around their heads.

Other people have gone back to the old school method of placing a bowl over their heads and cutting the hair around it.  

How to Avoid DIY Haircut Fails

Anyone can cut their own hair if they have the correct tools. Look for the hairstyle you want and search for videos on YouTube to help you achieve your style. All you need is a pair of sharp scissors, combs and clippers to cut your own hair—oh, and a fair bit of bravery!

Trending Haircuts for Women

Women with longer hair have a major advantage because it’s easier to style long locks. One popular way to achieve layered hair is by brushing all your hair forward and neatly trimming the ends of your tresses.  

It’s important to only cut a half an inch of hair at a time when trimming because you don’t want to land up cutting your hair too short.

Women are also going extreme with their haircuts during lockdown. Ladies who once had long hair are now sporting short sporty bobs.

The way these women are achieving this look is by tying their hair in two ponytails on either side of their heads. They pull the bands down to where they want the length to be and then chop the hair off below the bands with a pair of sharp scissors.  

There are a lot of female influencers that have been shaving all their hair off and sporting buzz cuts like the men. Who looks better? Both!

Hair Cuts for Children During Lockdown

The younger generation doesn’t like their parents’ methods of cutting their hair. Most children aren’t shy to say that their parents have no clue on how to cut their locks. But some kids are using this time to their advantage.

Not having to go to school allows kids to have any hairstyle they like. Boys are sporting Mohawks while little girls have long bobs or pixie haircuts.

Home haircut trends

Final Thoughts

Are you struggling to cut and style your hair while the barbershops & salons are closed? First, take a look at DIY haircut fails and then do everything you can to avoid the mistakes you see.

As mentioned before there are many online haircut tutorials that are easy to follow. By watching online videos, you will learn how to cut hair correctly. This will be a huge advantage to you and your family because DIY haircuts are cost-effective. 

So are you ready to cut your own hair?