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Holiday Gift Shopping 101: What To Give Your Fashionista Friends

The holiday season is nearly approaching, which means it’s time to go on gift shopping. After all, it’s the best time of the year to get your friends and family a gift. And while you can easily grab something off the shelf, it’ll be much appreciated if you can make an effort to find the best present you could ever think of. 

Suppose you’ll be giving a gift to someone who’s a fashion enthusiast. While going on a shopping spree can be exciting, with the number of options you have in the market, it can be difficult to pick the best item you think they’ll love. To help you out, below are some ideas on what you can give to your fashionista friends.

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  • 1. Statement Shoes

  • You’d be surprised how wearing a good pair of shoes can instantly boost one’s look. You can find the perfect footwear to help any outfit stand out from online shops like Shoebacca. With statement shoes, they can wear simple clothing and let their shoes bring the ensemble to a new level. 

    However, shopping for shoes as a holiday gift can be tricky, especially if you don’t know their shoe size. As such, you’d want to secure a gift receipt so your friends can exchange them for a much more appropriate size if needed. This ensures they’ll be able to use your gift as it is a perfect fit for their feet.

  • 2. Stacking Jewelry 

  • Aside from checking out womens shoes online, gifting jewelry can also be a fantastic idea. Jewelry and accessories can instantly elevate and complete any look. Wearing one or two can prevent your outfit from appearing too plain or simple as you add the right sparkle. 

    Nowadays, stacking jewelry has become a trend and is getting more and more popular. It involves wearing multiple jewelry pieces but still allowing them to look fashionable and well-put together. It can be in the form of bracelets, necklaces, rings, or even earrings from for those with multiple piercings. 

    While your fashionista friend can mix and match accessories, various stores are now offering sets of stacking jewelry that goes well together. Opting for these can free you from the stress of looking for perfect jewelry combinations.

  • 3. Black Leather Bag

  • There’s something about a black leather bag that can make any outfit look sophisticated and classy. Your fashionista friend might already have all of the most trendsetting bags out there, ranging in different colors, shapes, and sizes, but for an elegant look, a black leather bag can surely be something great. Not only are they timeless, but they’re also chic and fun.

  • 4. Party Skirt

  • The holiday season isn’t just the time for giving gifts, as it’s also a chance to socialize and get together with people over food and drinks. And since parties will be coming in and out of the corner, it’ll be great if you could help your fashionista friends stand out from the crowd with the perfect outfit. 

    For instance, you can gift them a party skirt full of glamour and shine. It could be a high-waisted one with a long slit, bedazzled with sequins and glitters. Your fashionista friend can easily pair the skirt with any plain top to complete their ensemble.

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  • 5. Button Up Shirt

  • A classy yet trendy look that’s not too daring is a plain button-up white shirt. It can be a perfect option for a casual day or even a formal one. For your fashionista friend, it may be nice if you could give them something a bit loose yet comfortable for their skin.

  • 6. Travel Jewelry Case

  • If your fashionista friend is a frequent traveler, giving them a travel jewelry case would be great. Imagine the horror and hassle one may go through when bringing bracelets and necklaces during trips. If they’re not too careful, they might spend a lot of time trying to untangle everything. As such, giving them a compact travel jewel case would be a great idea to avoid such inconveniences. This way, they can organize their pieces and wear them easily whenever and wherever.

  • 7. Nail Polish Set

  • Apart from wearing jewelry, having chic and perfect nails is one of the good fashion tips to note. For one, it can help amplify one’s look and make pieces of jewelry pop. Even if your friend is wearing artificial nails, they can always apply a fresh coat of paint to make it look more pleasing and fashionable. To help them be more creative with their nails, it may be nice to give them a set with plenty of colors that look great together.

  • 8. Silk Pajamas

  • A fashionista shouldn’t only look at their best during the day when outdoors, but they could also look chic at night or while spending some quiet time at home. With that, consider gifting them silk pajamas. Doing so can make them feel luxurious and comfortable, as the fabric is soft and cool. You can pick various designs and colors or even customize their initials on the pockets to make them feel more like royalty.

  • 9. Sunglasses

  • Whatever time of the year, wearing sunglasses would always be a fashionista’s staple accessory. To help them bring their A-game, consider giving them a pair of sunglasses with unique styles or shapes. You can play with oval or triangular shapes, and you’d be surprised by how they can pull them off. On the other hand, for a safe option, you can give them a pitch-black color to make their outfits look chic and classic.

  • 10. Gold Clothing Rack

  • Aside from the things a fashionista could wear, it may also be a great idea if you could help them display their favorite pieces in the best way possible. You can help your friends convert their bedroom into something that screams fashion by giving them something decorative and functional at the same time, like a gold clothing rack. This way, they can easily hang and display their clothes and favorite fashion pieces while having a stylish bedroom.


    As shown above, are plenty of gift ideas you can explore for your fashionista friend. And while it may seem challenging to find the perfect gift, you’ll be glad to know that your fashionista friends will surely appreciate anything you give, especially knowing you spent time and effort to buy them gifts. And as a good start, look for something you know they would enjoy the most and need.