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Have You Heard Of The Garden Office Trend?

Are you looking for premises to set up your professional offices? Do you want to work in a quiet environment without being far from home? Do you dream of independence, but can't stand the long commute to work? What if the solution was right here, at home? By installing an office in the garden away from the house. A new trend made possible by manufacturers of DIY wooden buildings.

Have You Heard Of The Garden Office Trend?

What is a garden office?

The concept of the garden office is simple and straightforward: set up your business premises just a few metres from your house, in the middle of your garden. Of course, such a solution only concerns certain specific activities, but with the advent of the Internet, more and more of them can be carried out from home. Liberal professions, self-employed workers, artists and self-employed entrepreneurs are all jobs that do not require large structures. And many of them simply work from home. In the United States, for example, 25% of the working population are teleworkers.

But it is not always easy to separate personal and professional life. Especially since it is psychologically important to clearly separate the spaces. But renting or buying premises is often tedious and expensive. And this solution will also involve commuting, which again means wasting time and money. So you might as well look for the land where it is, as close as possible to your home: in your garden. With a particularly fragile property market, many individuals choose to expand. And while additional bedrooms or an extension to the living room must necessarily be integrated into the existing building, an office can be perfectly conceived away from the rest of the house.

How much space should a garden office take up?

To choose the size of the garden office best suited to your business, please list all your needs. Here are ome questions to ask yourself:

-How many people will be working there?

-Do you plan to receive people in your office: clients, suppliers, partners...?

-Do you need an individual office isolated from a meeting room?

-Does your business require a lot of storage space?

So depending on the nature of your work (office, craft...) you will determine the space needed. For example, a 15m² office is sufficient for an "office" activity as a freelancer, and could be suitable for jobs such as accountant or graphic designer. If you regularly receive people in your office or hold meetings with your team, a garden office with two rooms and about 30 square metres will be ideal. An extra room can be used for storage, a meeting room or a waiting room. Don't hesitate to visit this garden office store to find the one that suits your needs.

Setting up your garden office

The interior of your garden office is of paramount importance. You need to feel comfortable in it to be able to work in the best possible conditions and gain in productivity. On an ideal surface of at least 15 m², there is plenty of room for a suitable office with storage cupboards. Above all, and this is the real trend, make your garden office a living space, especially with a shower and toilet. This can be a useful investment if you want to turn your garden shed into a guest room or even a rental space.