Guide To Keep Your Bed Sheets Clean & Wrinkle Free
July 24, 2020

Guide To Keep Your Bed Sheets Clean & Wrinkle Free

Guide To Keep Your Bed Sheets Clean & Wrinkle Free

Bed sheets are a great investment and need regular maintenance. One can protect his investment by washing, drying and storing them properly. Most of the bed sheets are machine washable. Egyptian cotton, poly-cotton, other cotton blends and bamboo sheets are but silk and linen cannot be washed domestically and need dry cleaning.

Therefore it is important to look at the washing instructions to identify which cleaning method will suit them because only the sheets cared properly last longer.

Generally washing and drawing is the major problem concerned with the maintenance of sheets therefore in this article we aim to provide you with the basic guide to care for your bed sheets properly and also provide you with some tips and tricks to effortlessly remove wrinkles.

Let's start with a care guide...

Care instructions

Always wash your sheets separately from other clothing items to provide them with more room to circulate in the water and get cleaner. This will also prevent fabric damage due to pressure and protect the slippers from damaging as well.

Always use a gentle cycle and mild detergent for washing and remember to remove the stain before laundering them. Avoid using bleach, whitener or softener agents to protect the fibres from damage and prevent ripping.

If you have White sheets and need to brighten them up to avoid bleach because it can make those sheets appear yellowish instead go for one-fourth cup of lemon juice to add in water. Moreover, you should never soak colored sheets into detergent for an hour or so.

If you are, you think a washing machine should remember to cover its agitator if it has to take the chance of loose Threads unlikely. For drying them do not excuse drying machines frequently to reduce the wrinkles and prefer air drying but keep them out of the direct sun. As soon as the sheets dry, fold them, smoothening the wrinkle with your hand to prevent their setting. Make sure to clean your washing machine from time to time. Build up in the washing machine could end up tainting your sheets or creating an odor that is unpleasant. Start looking for washing machine cleaner products to assure your sheets come out crisp and smell wonderful.

Wash frequently

Wash them once a week with eco laundry sheets to extend their life and remove the dirt, dead skin cells, body oil and other moisture before they accumulate in the fibre and make the sheets smells bad. The longer these things accumulate in the fibres the more pressure will the shield fibre face which will not only reduce their lifespan but also attract germs. If you are too busy to wash them each week or feel that washing them frequently can reduce their lifetime you must bathe before going to bed so that you do not take any tests with you when you go to it, keeping all the Sweat oil and dust out, making your sheets take longer to clean for longer.

Give fabrics the right treatment

Not all fabrics can be washed alike. For example, silk is a strong and sturdy material but requires special laundry techniques when it comes to washing. Similarly, linen is prone to wrinkles and shrinking therefore it cannot be watched like regular clothing items instead both of these fabrics need dry cleaning or hand washing in cool water using a mile or chemical-free detergent. As far as the drying is concerned they require Tumble drying or the lowest setting on the dryer. Bamboo is another fabric that requires hand washing by using a mild laundry soap & cold water. Or a gentle machine cycle. For drying them, the lowest setting on the dryer or air drying is preferred. You can check high quality Bed sheets on the UK store of OxfordHomeWare.

Tips for getting wrinkle free bed sheets

Guide To Keep Your Bed Sheets Clean & Wrinkle Free


Some people like the crispness of wrinkles against their skin but some are not fond of it and need delicate wrinkle-free bedding. Below are given a few tips and tricks to help you get crease free bedding.

Hang damped sheets

Using a drying machine is a bad idea if you do not like crispy wrinkled sheets. Instead, once you have watched them decrease to remove excess water and hang them on the clothesline in the air to dry them. Half the mild laundry detergent sheet is dried to change its side and let the gravity do its work. For buying bed sheets you can visit Oxford Home Ware store.

Add starch to sheets

Starch helps to get wrinkle-free crispy bedding and requires a little effort than the method described above. Once you have washed the shape soak them in the starch solution for a minute or two, remove, wring, and air dry. Iron them if you want to get the perfectly crease-free sheet.