Guide To Choose Football Safety Equipment
November 15, 2019

Guide To Choose Football Safety Equipment

Are you eager to perform better than others on the football field? Well, you are not alone.

The best performance of a football player depends on mainly two essential things- skills and proper protective gear. Yes, the skills and strength of a football player do not ensure his best performance on the filed.

If you are skilled enough and appear on the field wearing proper protective gear, you are almost sure to perform better than other players on the ground. Not only that, football protective gear will save you from any high impact of your opponents.

You need to wear all safety equipment, including helmet, gloves, shoulder pads, neck rolls, etc. Shoulder pads article on usacollegefootball will help you understand better.

Football is a physical contact game that is very popular. Along with its popularity, this game is also becoming riskier due to frequent collision and impact among players on the field.

Besides, a player needs to show his skills depending on his strength. So, in the game, football, strength and intensity are essential. To increase a player’s strength, they start to go to the gym. Thus, the magnitude of impacts is just on the increase.

Performing well and keeping sharp on the field, you need to wear protective safety equipment. The market has already been flooded with numerous brands and equipment of football.

So, it might be a daunting task for you to choose the best. But you should not compromise the quality of your football gear. In this article, I am here to illustrate a concise but complete guide to choose your football safety equipment so that you don’t end up buying a wrong one for you.

Football Helmet

A severe head injury can end your football career, as well. If not, you may have to spend several days, months, or years lying on your bed, just planning what to do next.

But a good (I would like to repeat ‘good’) football helmet can protect your head as well as your neck from the high impact of your opponents. As a result, you can keep going improving your skills day after day.

A good football helmet denotes to be sturdy but lightweight and long-lasting. It should absorb the shock of other players at the time of tackling. Plus, it must have the features to distribute the high impact shock throughout the helmet, so you don’t receive its impact on your head directly.

Inner construction of the helmet should be well enough to provide you with needed comfort to your head. Inside of the helmet should be soft-padded to support your head as well as to absorb the shock of other players.

Make sure your helmet has a facemask to protect your face while coming in close contact with the opponents.

Always try before you buy one. If your helmet does not fit your head snugly, it can be a cause to ruin your performance instead.

Also, it should not be a heavier one to hinder your movement freely on the field. That’s why; I prefer a helmet that is lightweight but sturdy, not heavier.

Shoulder pads

As a football player, you already know that the game is full of hard hits and regular contact. It is also called a physical confrontational match, which requires high safety before you take the field.

Otherwise, you will end up hurting yourself. Like a good helmet, shoulder pads will protect your shoulder as well as torso from high hits and impacts of other players on the field.

Sometimes, it so happens that the helmet of other players can hit your shoulder, resulting in injury. In this case, only a sturdy with needed soft under-padding shoulder pads can keep you safe among the crowd. For faster and free movement, your shoulder pads should be lighter.

So, a quarterback and wide receiver shoulder pads should be your best bet to ensure more flexibility while playing the game.

Padding is an important thing to consider while choosing shoulder pads. I must recommend having less padding shoulder pads than more padding ones. More massive padding shoulder pads may restrict your movement resulting from hindering your performance.

Football pants/girdle

You need to concentrate on the safety of your all body parts. For the protection of your lower half, you need to wear a football pant having soft padding inside. It will also protect you from other player’s abrasion. Girdles under your football pant will save your thigh and hip from the high impact of the opponents on the field.

Football gloves

In the game of football, it is vital to hold the ball and throw it to the right player. Football gloves feature a firm grip. Gloves are different in design. Depending on a player’s position on the field, manufacturers make gloves differently.

Backhand padding of football gloves is comfortable to use. But make sure that the extra padding does not obstruct your flexibility of playing.  Football gloves can be lighter or heavier depending on the position of players on the field.

For instance, football gloves of a lineman should be more cumbersome and not have a tacky palm. On the other hand, receiver gloves should be a lighter one.

Neck Rolls / Collars

While tackling or hard fall on the ground, your neck needs to keep in perfect position. Otherwise, it can be a great disaster for you. In this situation, neck rolls or collars can come into play. You have to attach a neck roll under the shoulder pads for the proper support of your neck.

It helps keep your neck in position after a tackling or falling on the ground. They come in various shapes and sizes you have chosen one that easily fits your neck. It will prevent your neck from breaking down and other likely injuries.

Final Thought

Any physical contact game requires proper safety equipment before you take the field. Your skills and adequate safety gear help perform better. Besides, you play forgetting your physical safety issues that increase your confidence in the field.