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Great Housewarming Gifts For a New Home Owner

Moving into a new house can be very exciting; it’s a space to call your own, a place to start a family and a sanctuary to escape the stressors of life. Many people buy new homes every year, in America an estimated 5.52 million homes are bought annually.

With so many home owners, that means a lot of housewarming gifts. Whether someone is moving into an apartment for the first time, or buying their first new house, getting that someone a housewarming gift is part of a long and exciting tradition.

Housewarming gifts are great to receive, especially since buying a house is no cheap business, and the new homeowners may not have thought about everything they need. However, even then it can be quite a challenge to decide what to buy.

You don’t want to buy something they will never use as this is not only an empty gesture, but a waste of money. Continue reading to find out what some good housewarming gifts are if you’re in need of some inspiration.


Speaking of inspiration, there is nothing more inspiring than a good poster like the ones from Art Frill, which use museum quality paper. Posters can make for great housewarming gifts, as in the fervor to buy furniture, or move everything into the new home, one thing is usually forgotten about: the walls. A poster can help to finish the look that new homeowners are trying to achieve, or just simply help to decorate. Posters come in a variety of shapes, sizes and themes.

If you are considering buying a poster, then try to base it on the persons hobbies, as that is the easiest. Does the person like fishing? Then get a poster of a lake. Do they like being in the city? Then get one that shows off the nightlife of a popular city, dazzled in neon. The sky is the limit.

Posters also offer the benefit of being easily put up and taken down, so the new homeowners can change the position of it as much they want with ease. 

Kitchen appliances

The second-best thing to get a new homeowner would be kitchen appliances. Since we have established that it is best to get something someone will use, kitchen appliances definitely fit that category.

One of the best items to get is a coffee maker. This is because most of the time they don’t really stay in great shape during the move, and also, most people love to receive upgrades of things they already have, and who can say no to a new coffee maker?

Another great item would be pots and pans, as these deteriorate over time, lose their non-stick qualities and can become quite nasty looking. They will also be used very often, unless the person usually orders takeout. Again, it’s important to base this purchase on the habits of the person. If you know they don’t bake, getting a whisk would not be a good choice.

Small decorative items

One of the more aesthetically-pleasing gifts to give would be small decorative items. A popular choice are plants, as they come in many shapes, sizes and varieties. Giving someone a plant will not only improve the decorative aspect of their new home, but it will grow along with the home, which is a beautiful sentiment.

Another great gift is scented candles; these will help the new home to smell great, and it is a gift that keeps on giving. Consider the persons tastes when buying this; some people like earthy smells, others like sweet smells.

Gift cards work well too

Another option, if you are truly out of ideas, or the person basically has everything they need, is to give a gift card. Gift cards are usually very appreciated since they give the person the opportunity to buy something they actually need, and won’t get packed away in a wardrobe and forgotten about.

The other benefit of a gift card is that they can be personal. Instead of just giving a general gift card for a mall, choose a shop that the person always spends time at.

Or surprise them with a gift card to a place they have never heard about or visited, but you know they would enjoy; the real gift here is the adventure the person will go on in order to use the card.

Great Housewarming Gifts For a New Home Owner


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