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Give the Gift of a Great Experience This Father's Day

Experiential gifts are booming in popularity. As many of us look for ways to live more sustainable, environmentally-friendly lives, we're looking to buy less 'stuff' while still being able to give gifts to those we love.

With Father's Day not too far away, why not think about experiences you and your dad can have together, rather than buying him yet another pair of novelty socks?

Here are a few ideas.

Get cultured.

For a low-key, easy day out that's also an opportunity to stimulate the brain, you can't do better than a museum or art exhibition. Many arts and historical spaces are free to enter, so you could even do more than one in a day if you live in a big city! Do a little research as to what's in your area and create a 'trail' of venues for you and your dad to follow. Just make sure you only include stuff he's likely to be interested in!

Stay in.

Staying in can be just as good, or better, than going out. If you’re looking for fun on a budget, or your dad is elderly and can’t take part in a lot of activity, staying home and getting cozy with a few drinks and board games can make great Father’s Day memories. Just beware of super-competitive family members and potential squabbles!

Take a walk.

Given that Father’s Day falls in the early summer, it’s the perfect opportunity to get outside and enjoy nature. You could take a gentle stroll through your local park or add a little challenge with a steeper hike if you live near a canyon or national park. If you’re even more active than that, you could even go rock climbing or abseiling at an outdoor pursuits center in your area.

Whatever activity you choose, the simple act of getting out into the sun together is sure to make it a Father’s Day to remember.

Go fishing.

Fishing is one of those traditional activities that gets passed down through the generations; parents taking their children and grandchildren down to a nearby lake on the weekend, or on fishing trips further afield. As we get older, these traditions often fall by the wayside because we’re simply too busy living our lives.

Remind your dad and yourself of all those incredible memories with a Father’s Day fishing trip in a place that means something to both of you. If you're feeling extra adventurous, you could even go kayak fishing and enjoy a trip down the river while you look for a catch! Just don’t forget to grab a specialized Kayak Fish Bag before you go.

Visit a spa.

Now, most of us would get this for Mom rather than Dad, but who says dads don't want to be pampered just as much? Everyday life is stressful and exhausting, and we all need time to relax and take care of ourselves. Book you and your dad a day at the spa and take time to unwind and recuperate together, whether that's a few hours at a city center spa or a longer weekend retreat.