Fragrance Trends to Watch in 2024
January 24, 2024

Gen Z & Millennial Fragrance Trends to Watch in 2024

Generation Z and Millennials now comprise over one-third of the global population, and their unique preferences are shaping numerous industries. In the fragrance sector, these younger generations are particularly influential drivers of trends. Both value uniqueness, self-expression, and individuality in their style and choices. They also prioritize sustainability and aligning their purchases with their values. For fragrance brands hoping to attract and retain these consumers, carefully tracking generational preferences and innovating accordingly is crucial for long-term success.

Fragrance Trends to Watch in 2024

Sustainability and Ethical Sourcing

Among Gen Z and Millennials, concern for the environment strongly guides their purchasing decisions. They expect brands across all industries to minimize their environmental impact and source ingredients responsibly. In fragrances, this means favoring natural, sustainably harvested materials and eco-friendly packaging made from renewable or recycled materials. Transparency around sourcing is also important, with many younger consumers scrutinizing product lists for artificial ingredients or compounds obtained through practices like palm oil cultivation. In 2024, sustainably created scents prominently highlighting natural, sustainably sourced materials will attract significant interest from these generations.

Digital and Social Media Influences

Digital platforms and social networks deeply permeate daily life among younger demographics. As such, they play an outsized role in exposing Gen Z and Millennials to new fragrances and informing their preferences. Perfume magazine websites allow individuals to explore reviews, discover new brands, and gain enthusiast knowledge from experts. Meanwhile, social media expands trends through engaged fragrance communities on platforms like Instagram and TikTok. Micro-influencers with genuine passion for scents also attract followings, providing fresh recommendations beyond traditional marketing. Looking ahead, the fragrances generating the most online conversation and positive sentiments will gain an edge in attracting these digitally connected consumers.

Gender-Neutral and Inclusive Fragrances

Compared to older age groups, Gen Z and Millennials show stronger support for inclusivity across numerous domains, including fragrance. Their preferences call for expanded representation of diverse identities. After leaning into traditionally gendered scents for decades, many brands are now innovating new models that do away with binary “male” and “female” classifications altogether. Some develop entirely unisex lines, while others release gender-bending creations that elude simple categorization. Singles notes and niche layering allow individuals maximum self-expression. Such inclusive and fluid approaches are energizing these generations and will propel certain fragrances to the forefront in 2024.

Customization and Personalization

technology enables new levels of customization satisfying younger consumers’ desires for uniqueness. Some scent brands invite individuals to craft bespoke blends through online studios, selecting from vast ingredient libraries. Tech also facilitates personalized recommendations by mapping customers’ past purchases and preferences. Meanwhile, tools like virtual and augmented reality broaden customization possibilities. Fragrances catering to personal interests through individualized combinations or digitally interactive design services will appeal strongly to Gen Z and Millennials seeking to leave distinct olfactory signatures. Such customized creations tailored to personal identities and aesthetics will proliferate in 2024.

Niche and Indie Fragrance Brands

As risk-takers open to self-discovery, Gen Z and Millennials find allure in smaller, independent brands operating at the fringes. Away from mass-market offerings, niche, and indie houses craft singular scents exclusive to their imaginative visions. Storytelling through unique names and detailed narratives around sourcing and inspirations also attracts these generations who appreciate purpose and authentic self-expression in the products they choose. Niche brands moreover foster a sense of community by cultivating engaged online followers. In 2024, unusual creations from artisanal houses pushing boundaries and fueling discovery will gain traction among younger consumers keen to differentiate themselves through distinctive discoveries.

Mindful Fragrance Choices

Younger demographics prioritize preventative healthcare and holistic well-being. They increasingly view scents as potentially enhancing the quality of life, looking at essential oil profiles associated with relaxation, anxiety relief, or cognitive performance. Some seek fragrances to complement meditation practices or unwind after long days. Brands crafting options tailored to wellness goals will see upticks in 2024. Those highlighting natural, therapeutic ingredients supported by research and third-party certifications for purity will gain trust among these generations. Customers moreover demand transparency around manufacturing processes and any potential allergen or irritant contents. Scents aligning with active lifestyles and self-care regimens will thus become prominent.

Experiential Influences

For younger generations eager to see the world, cultural immersion and unique experiences are priorities. Their evolving fragrance tastes hence incorporate globally inspired accents. Travel exposes them to regional native plants and perfuming traditions, fueling interests in botanicals once unfamiliar. Social media also spreads cultural foods, fashion and ambient scents internationally. Events allow multisensory brand discoveries. Pop-ups transporting attendees to imagined locales drive excitement. Collaborations between perfumers globally shares diverse techniques. In 2024, creations implicitly or explicitly celebrating other cultures’ richness will enthuse Gen Z and Millennials’ adventurous spirits. Interactive experiences moreover amplifying scent memories of joyous adventures will captivate.


Fragrance trends among Gen Z and Millennials will continue evolving rapidly based on their values of inclusivity, sustainability, customization and wellness. Brands succeeding in 2024 and beyond will carefully track multiple influences like social platforms, global cultures and customization technology on these generations. With adaptability, authentic community-building and co-creation, Purpose-driven brands crafting unique stories through diverse, natural scents and digital touchpoints can remain linked to the identity explorations of these impactful demographic groups.