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Fun Drink Recipes That Will Wow Your Party Guests

Mixology can be as complex as cooking if enough ingredients are involved.  If you are interested in impressing partygoers with your bartending skills, then you must first discern which liquor store is nearest.  Once you find a dependable store with a decent and consistent selection, you are ready to refine your cocktails into masterpieces as tasty as they are colorful.  With enough practice on your part, mixology can go from tedious bouts of rummaging through the fridge to a fun outlet for creativity.  These drink recipes are the perfect way to wow any guests at your holiday party.

Fun Drink Recipes

1. White Russian

With only three ingredients, the white russian is a simple and rich cocktail.  No specific serving size is recommended.  Generally speaking, this classic drink is two parts vodka, one part coffee liquor, and two parts whole milk.  One drink necessitates one serving of alcohol, and as the ingredients need to be poured in a certain order, preparing one drink is the optimal way of serving it.  While you can use any glass, a tumbler is best.  Fill a stout tumbler with ice, then do the following.  Pour the vodka and coffee liquor.  Feel free to mix them together for a more even flavor, but this is not necessary.  Finally, pour the milk on top such that the inherent density of the liquids causes both to remain separate and demonstrate a pleasantly marbled appearance.  The white russian is a sweet drink almost as decadent as a cordial, so feel free to offer one to your party guests after dinner.

2. Bloody Mary/Maria

The bloody mary is probably the most delicious drink on the planet.  Any reason to drink cocktail sauce is a good reason.  A bloody maria is made with tequila instead of vodka.  Both taste similar, but some regard tequila as a form of alcohol that is even more pure than vodka.  Tequila is lauded as the “healthiest” form of alcohol, but this is the only difference between a mary and a maria. 

The first step is to make a good bloody mary mix.  If you really want to knock this step out of the park, then tomato juice is not going to cut it.  Combine a generous bottle of tomato juice (i.e, as many as 48 ounces) with three tablespoons of horseradish (store-bought horseradish is okay because fresh horseradish might be too potent), three of worcestershire sauce, two to three teaspoons of salt, a tablespoon of hot sauce, black pepper, and, of course, the alcohol, whether you choose tequila or vodka.  Immediately, you can combine everything beside the alcohol for future use.  That is your mix.  Just remember to keep it nice and cold.

When you are ready to use the mix, consider salting the rim of the glass, as a salted rim complements the drink nicely.  Add the vodka or tequila first, then slowly pour the mix on top of the alcohol so that the concoction mixes as you pour.  The optional and final step is to include a garnish.  Anything salty and spicy is a perfect fit for that toothpick along the rim: banana peppers, pepper jack cheese, shrimp, stuffed olives, and pepperoni make for great garnishes.  Congratulations on creating one of the most delicious items human beings have ever designed.

3. Moscow Mule

For people who love ginger ale and soda, moscow mule can be a great treat.  The ginger flavor is extremely potent, yet the drink otherwise offers a soothing sweetness. Unlike the bloody mary, this drink is mild enough to accommodate all palettes, including the ones most sensitive to heat.  The mule’s two key ingredients are vodka and ginger beer.  There is an important distinction between ginger beer and ginger ale.  Do not use ginger ale unless you want foam all over the floor.  Less immediately, you also need lime juice for the drink to be a true moscow mule.

The ingredients for a single drink are as follows: You will need two ounces of vodka, a tablespoon of lime juice, a half a glass of ginger beer, and a lime rind or mint leaf as a garnish.  Once you have done a bit of mise en place, pour all ingredients apart from the garnish into a copper mug.  Do not add ice until after the liquids are mixed together.  Finally, add the garnish, and serve immediately, as moscow mules must stay cold and cohesive.

A copper mug is optional, but the reason you will receive a mule in a copper mug at a dive bar is because a copper mug is essentially a thermos: It takes on the temperature of what is inside, ensuring that the beverage stays cold for more time.  Otherwise, it is not necessary.  A copper mug is little beyond fanfare.