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From Journaling To Jewelry: 6 Unique Ways To Affirm Your Self-Belief

Life’s challenges may drive you to a point where you doubt your ability to succeed in anything. Perhaps it’s a divorce from your first spouse. After signing the divorce papers, you may tend to look down on yourself and internally vow to never get intimate with anyone else because it won’t work.

And what of a failed exam? What of a job sacking? What about a collapsing business?

No matter what comes your way, you need to consciously remind yourself that you’re more than able to accomplish whatever you desire to. Now, that’s self-belief. But, how do you affirm your self-belief? Here are six unique ways to profess your true, authentic self.

Affirm Your Self-Belief

  • Journaling

Consider keeping a diary to explore your thoughts and feelings about the experiences you’re passing through. It's best to do it consistently, say every day, though, occasional journaling can still work. 

As you write about the events surrounding your life and your take on them, you gain valuable self-knowledge. But, the most important part is perhaps detailing the solutions to the problems you’re facing. 

Writing down on paper the steps you intend to take to handle a given problem is enough evidence that you believe in your in-born abilities. At the end of every entry on your diary, you’ll realize that you feel more confident in yourself to handle whatever challenge comes your way.

  • Affirmation Jewelry

Even after journaling, you need to constantly remind yourself of your unique capabilities. One way to keep the fire burning throughout the day is to adorn some affirmation jewelry. Think of the message you’ll send to your brain when, in the midst of your work shift, you steal a one-second glance at your ‘I am enough ring.’

Every cell in your body responds with an outstanding “Yes!” And you instantly feel an unexplained surge of energy that’s enough to last you through the rest of your work shift. Interesting, isn't it?

  • Speak Affirmations

Immediately when you wake up, or right in the middle of some assignment, it pays to steal a minute or two to speak positive affirmations to your inner being. Phrases like these will help you a lot:

  • I’m stronger than I think
  • I’m proud of my achievements so far
  • I’m no longer a slave to fear
  • I’m worthy of happiness
  • I can deal with what has happened and whatever will happen next

At times, you may tend to doubt the very things you’re saying, but speak them anyhow. Constantly speaking about yourself in such a positive way will eventually improve your self-esteem and boost your confidence.

  • Celebrate Success

What goal have you recently made and achieved? Probably you’re working toward:

  • Reducing your TV screen time
  • Losing weight
  • Quitting smoking and drinking
  • Becoming an avid reader
  • Keeping fit through exercises
  • Eating healthy
  • Passing exams
  • Being more productive at work

Whenever you come to the realization of any of your goals, ensure that you celebrate the success. You can praise yourself verbally, write yourself a congratulatory message, hold a mini party, or buy yourself a gift. In addition to feeling good about yourself, you’ll feel greatly motivated to keep on achieving even more milestones.

  • Practise Self-love

You first have to love yourself  to have faith in yourself. You can practise self-love by doing the following:

  • Do what you enjoyed doing when you were young
  • Pursue a hobby like swimming or playing musical instruments
  • Spend some good time in nature
  • Cultivate meaningful relationships that are honest and supportive
  • End all toxic relationships
  • Have fun
  • Eat well
  • Relax as often as possible

These activities remind you that you’re special and that there’s no one else on earth like you. 

Affirm Your Self-Belief

  • Develop Healthy Routines

To get in touch with your inner strength, it’s good to have a daily routine that you can follow with discipline. Consider setting aside time for exercise. Thirty minutes per day is usually enough, but you can exercise longer if you wish to.

Apart from exercising, try mindfulness meditation. This helps relieve your anxiety and makes you focus on what you’re best in.

Another healthy routine that many people ignore is getting enough sleep. Make sure you sleep for seven to eight hours every night. It’s a good way to rejuvenate your body after a hard day’s work and prepare you for the next day. 

What More?

While the above six tips are not exhaustive, they’re a good starting point in affirming your self-belief. If done diligently, you’ll slowly develop a high-performance mindset that’ll drive you to great success.

6 Unique Ways To Affirm Your Self-Belief

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