From Boy to a Man: Style Tips From Kit Harrington
April 30, 2019

From Boy to a Man: Style Tips From Kit Harrington

Game of Thrones: Season 8 has just wrapped up its premiere, and the first episode is set to launch this week.

The men of the nights' watch may be an unlikely place to get inspiration from. They are usually found wearing the same furry animal over their shoulders and matching boots that trudges moodily through the snow.

The actors on the hit show are another thing, though, and Kit Harrington knows how to dress.

The Hair

The first thing to get to grips with is the hair. Kit has worn his locks long and curly to match the style of his character for a good portion of the last eight years we've had him on the screen.

This look has inspired a generation to grow out their fades in favor of something more natural and rugged. If this is a style you're interested in, you'll have to commit. If you have short hair, it will take some time for the natural curls to come back - if you're lucky enough to have them.

To nail that slightly messy look that Kit adorns, give your hair a good 6-9 months to grow out, and then head to the barber to get it trimmed back and under some sort of control.

Kit usually has what's called a blunt cut, and has been cut at the same length all over without any harsh corners. This stops any fraying or split ends, giving your hair a full and healthy look. To style, simply wash and use a towel rather than hair-drying to dry. Add in a mild paste rather than a tougher clay to keep the natural curly in place. This look goes particularly well with clothing from

Another classic Kit style is to slick the hair back to get some control back. This is worn in the latter seasons, and gives a more sophisticated style than the shorter look he wears in the earlier seasons.

This is a more mature look and increases his broody appeal. Take some length off around the ears, and partner it with a slightly more trimmed beard to give it a tidier look. You'll need a strong paste to get the look you're going for and apply when still slightly wet.

The Face

Once you have the hair down, it's time to start thinking about the beard. Kit, along with most of the lads in the north, has a beard throughout the seasons of Game of Thrones. It's rumored that it wasn't thick in his early years, and it actually had to be padded out slightly.

If this is your first attempt at growing a beard, you'll need to give it some time. You may find that what seems quite patchy at first will fill out as your beard grows, and the patches will appear to fill into a nice full beard. If you have certain areas that are particularly weak, then you may have to work around them. If you have a fantastic mustache, then grow and style it.

If you have an excellent goatee, then stick to this if your cheeks let you down. Most men forget about beard maintenance, but a good brush and a bit of beard oil will go a long way to make you look less like a wildling. 

Take the look out, and make the facial fuzz look less drawn on.