Live a More Adventurous Life
March 01, 2023

Five Big and Small Ways to Live a More Adventurous Life

You may think that living a more adventurous life means doing things like surfboarding, parachuting, and traveling to exotic places.

Well, as much as such things will indeed enable you to live a more adventurous life, there are also lots of little things you can do to make each week more unexpected and thrilling. Here are just five big and small ways in which you can put more adventure into your life.

 Live a More Adventurous Life

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1. Engage in Adventurous Activities

Let us begin by considering the sorts of activities that most people associate with adventure. In addition to surfboarding and parachuting, there are lots of adventure activities and extreme sports that you might like to try.

For instance, you could go kayaking, mountain climbing, canyoneering, abseiling, bungee jumping, snowboarding, skiing, caving, free running, mountain biking, BASE jumping, or cliff diving, to name just a few options.

If you are not very familiar with such activities, spend some time researching them to find out which ones appeal to you the most. Also, look at which activities are available in your local area so that you can put adventurous activities into your everyday life.

You may like to choose just one activity to do each weekend. Alternatively, you could give many or all of the different activities a go. If money is tight, look on the internet for ways to find your funds for the activities you want to do. You can visit for more information, or do some research on other websites. You may also find that some activities are more affordable than others.

2. Travel to Faraway Places

Traveling is a great way to have adventures that you will remember for the rest of your life.

Simply going to a faraway place, such as Tasmania, Peru, or Vietnam will provide you with a sense of adventure, especially if you backpack and get off the beaten trail rather than going on a package tour vacation.

But you should also consider doing more adventurous activities in those faraway and exotic locations. For example, you could take a trip through the Amazon rainforest, climb Mount Everest, or do some voluntary work on an organic farm in rural Estonia.

Sure, such things can be costly. But you can always save up or take out a personal loan, such as the loans available from SoFi, to fund your trip.

3. Try Different Cuisines

Living a more adventurous life does not have to be just about the big things. There are lots of little changes you can make to your everyday life to live more adventurously. For instance, you could try cuisines from countries you have never tried before.

You could seek out restaurants that cook German food or Vietnamese food, for instance. Alternatively, or in addition, you could try cooking exotic cuisines yourself.

Too many people stick to eating the same sorts of meals each week, but there is a whole world of different cuisines to explore. So, be more adventurous in your eating and cooking.

4. Try New Things 

There are plenty of new things you can try on a weekly basis besides world cuisine.

For example, you could go busking, join a pottery class, volunteer with a local charity, try meditation, learn a foreign language, enjoy a wine-tasting session, take part in a quiz at a bar, or start a home renovation project like transforming your vacant garage into a games room.

Spend time researching the things that are available to do on your doorstep and find out more about each one to determine which activities you would enjoy most, and also look at new things that you can do at home.

5. Talk to Strangers

You are not a child anymore, which means it is okay to talk to strangers. That does not mean you should talk to just anybody who approaches you. Nor does it mean approaching random strangers.

But it does mean being open to engaging with more people you do not know when the opportunity arises. Whether you strike up a conversation with someone at a bar or on a park bench, life can become more adventurous on a daily basis when you connect with random people.

It will also help you to broaden your horizons. After all, you will have no idea who you will meet next.