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Find the Right Sneakers: The 5 Best Workout Shoes for Women

Are you planning to work out more in 2020 to keep up with your New Year's resolution? If so, click here to discover the 5 best workout shoes for women.

Find the Right Sneakers: The 5 Best Workout Shoes for Women

Hey there, we heard you’re ready to up your fitness game! 

The most important aspect of any fitness routine is taking care of your feet. After all, your feet take the brunt of any workout. 

The proper shoes can prevent injuries by protecting your joints and your back during even the most intense workouts.  Investing in quality sneakers is the best decision you can make when starting a new fitness routine. 

But with so many different workouts and thousands of shoes to pick from, how do you know what the best workout shoes for women are?

The factors to consider are style, comfort, support and of course the type of workout you want to try. 

That’s why we’ve found the 5 best workout shoes for women based on the type of workout you’re trying out!

1) Up Your Running Game with the UnderArmour HOVR Phantoms

Runners go through more shoes than any other athlete and they love debating over which shoe is best. Several running shoes meet the high-quality standards that runners demand, but one shoe stands out as the best overall running shoe!

The Under Armour Women’s HOVR Phantom Sport Edition Connected Shoe takes the cake. This shoe is great for recovery runs to race days and all the different runs in between.

The traction on the soles is great for the treadmill, the track, and any outdoor surfaces. It also has extra cushioning for your Achilles heel to keep it protected.

A great feature of this shoe is that it connects via Bluetooth the MapMyRun, which can track your miles if you are training for a longer race like a marathon.

While many types of running shoes can be intimidating, this shoe is your classic shape and style so you will fit right in with any running crowd straight away.

This shoe is both beginner and expert-approved, so try it out if you are thinking of picking up running.

2) Crush Your Weightlifting Sessions with the Adidas Powerlift Trainer

If you are thinking about getting into weightlifting, your footwear cannot be overlooked. Women’s shoes have come along way to provide the best support for weightlifter’s of any level.

The elements of the Adidas Powerlift Trainer makes it the best overall shoe for weightlifting.
These shoes have been tried and tested and the jury is back to say they are the best!

The Adidas Powerlift Trainer has both shoelaces and secured straps to keep the top of your foot safe. It also has a slightly raised heel which helps women keep proper posture when they are lifting weights.

Having a shoe that is both secure and encourages correct posture is crucial to weightlifting because of the risk of injury associated with this sport.

The shoe also provides a sole that does not compress, which is extremely important in weightlifting. This will allow you to transfer all of your power into lifting weights like a champion!

These shoes will allow you peace of mind that your body is being protected while still allowing you to push to the limits of your fitness.

3) Break Out the Salomon X Ultras for Those Hikes

If you are serious about hiking for fitness, you will need a shoe made specifically for this! Luckily, hikers are also shoe-fanatics and there are lots of durable options to choose from.

The shoes we recommend are the Salomon X Ultra 3 GTX. This hiking shoe isn’t a traditional hiking boot, which allows for a bit more flexibility and speed while hiking.

This shoe is light-weight, affordable and waterproof as well. But don’t worry, it is still durable enough to stand with the best of them.

Due to its all-around amazing features, this shoe has stood up to the test with these hiking shoe reviewers.

4) Try out The Nike X Off White Shoes for Your Everday Workouts 

Why not mix it up with the Nike x Off White line? The new Nike Vapor Street sneakers are sure to turn a couple of heads at your gym for a few reasons!

These shoes have a funky design and they are available in a few different vibrant color combinations. Beyond just making a fashion statement, they also have an awesome double lace system which is sure to keep your foot secure during your workouts.

This shoe has a midsole that is made of foam which offers much-needed support for any kind of activity. These shoes are also inspired by track shoes so they have small rubber spikes all along the bottom, allowing you to break into high speed at a moment’s notice.

These are shoes built for style, speed, and support! That’s what makes them the best workout shoes for women trying out new fitness classes.

5) Take it from the Gym to Casualwear with these Reebok Crossfits

If you like to mix-up your workouts both indoors and outdoors and want to find a shoe that works for all occasions, look no further than the Reebok CrossFit Grace. These shoes look great in workout gear, but can also be worn casually!

These shoes are sleek and light but they are still durable enough to get the job done. These shoes also have an added ventilation system to keep you cool during your workouts and a standard lace-up system. 

These shoes were designed with women’s training in mind, so if you want to mix-up your workout routine and still feel great, make sure to check these shoes out. 

The Best Workout Shoes for Women for Every Occasion

Now you know the best workout shoes for women for several types of fitness plans! The most important tip we have is to make sure you try these shoes on to test out how they feel for you. 

The perfect workout shoe, all the way from the Salomon hiking shoes to the radical Nike X Off White shoes, should make you feel confident and secure. 

We wear shoes all day long and they protect our entire bodies when we are working out, so this is not the time to skimp on money or make a hasty decision. This choice will make all the difference in achieving your long-term fitness goals. 

Plus, who can deny that a new pair of shoes is the perfect motivation for getting to the gym? 

Find the Right Sneakers: The 5 Best Workout Shoes for Women