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Feeling Fab: 5 Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Health Benefits of Going Vegan

Image: THE 5TH / Pixabay 

As the ethical landscape of our planet changes and the economy fluctuates, more and more people are transitioning to a vegan and plant-based diet. For some, this decision is driven by a deeply rooted care for the well-being of the animal kingdom. For others, it’s born of a desire to advance a more sustainable food production industry. From dairy milk alternatives to meat substitutes, the vegan world offers a diet that is more diverse than most people think. 

In most cases, the common thread is a strong desire for edible innovation and health consciousness. The vegan diet offers plenty of personal benefits in addition to the environmental impact. So, let’s dive into the many advantages you can enjoy by going vegan!

1. Enjoy Higher Quality Milk

The most common dairy milk on the market today is typically a low blend of proteins and vitamins. Alternative and protein-rich plant milks are often gentler on digestion while still offering great taste. 

Nut milks are generally rich in vitamins and minerals, with a healthy profile of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. They are a good solution for those who are lactose intolerant, and options like soy, coconut, almond, and oat milk also work well in cooking and baking. 

2. It Can Help You Manage Type 2 Diabetes 

Going vegan lowers one’s overall A1C levels. In a recent study conducted by medical professionals, diabetic patients were assigned a plant-based diet. The results were astounding and included significant weight loss as well as improved glycemic and plasma lipid control.

Removing animal products from the diet has been shown to contribute to improved kidney function. Since poor kidney function is commonly associated with diabetes, it’s likely that a vegan diet may provide some protection from developing this condition. 

3. Reduce the Risk of Certain Cancers and Other Diseases

Plant foods are rich in the nutrients that highly-processed foods and red meat lack. Phytochemicals and antioxidants are numerous and concentrated in many fruits and vegetables that form part of a vegan diet. These have been linked to strong health outcomes and reduced cancer markers when compared to a more traditional American diet. 

4. A Vegan Diet Promotes Weight Loss

Due to the increased fiber and overall reduction in calorie consumption, weight loss is often another measurable benefit of going vegan. Fiber keeps the digestive system running smoothly and efficiently, while the reduced caloric intake gives your body less waste to deal with and less fat to store. 

A vegan diet also promotes strong gut health, which can speed up weight loss as well. When our gut hormones and microbiome are healthy and balanced, the rest of the body functions at an optimal level. From immune health and brain operation to healthier skin and a more trim figure, much of this is influenced by overall gut health.

5. Going Vegan Is Better for the Planet

Everything we eat, plant or otherwise, has an impact on the environment. However, high-production factory farms pumping out meat in questionable conditions are taking their toll more than most. From breeding, feeding, butchering, and packing, the waste produced and energy consumed are exponential. 

By switching to a plant-based diet, energy and resource consumption will be reduced, and the rapid acceleration of climate change will slow. Advancing a healthier diet while preserving our planet’s resources will improve the overall health of humans everywhere. 

It’s imperative for ourselves and generations to come that we pursue a more sustainable way of nourishing the population without sacrificing our planet. So add a few vegan meals to your weekly food plan, and start getting healthy!