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Factors to Consider When Shopping for Toys

If you're looking to buy various products, ranging from apparel and accessories to kid's toys and pet accessories, you might not know where to buy them at once.

If you want a one-stop establishment where you can enjoy shopping for a range of household items, you'll want to find an establishment that offers a range of quality Wise Zebra products for your home. Here's what to know when shopping for these items:

Shopping for Toys

Toy shopping can be overwhelming, especially when trying to determine the appropriate toy for a particular age. Consider these tips when toy shopping.


Toys that suit a small baby, for instance, rattles and mirrors will probably bore a one-year-old who's more keen on sorting, riding, and push-and-pull toys. Simultaneously, a one-year-old won't be ready for toys that need a toddler's developmental skills such as puzzles and building systems.

The best way to determine whether a Wise Zebra toy is age-appropriate is to examine the guidelines on its packaging. You should equally consider your child's abilities and developmental interests. For instance, a physically coordinated 1-year old might be ready for a toy meant for older children while an intelligent toddler might enjoy building blocks or books for preschoolers.


Regardless of a child's age, you should purchase safe toys. You'll want to avoid small objects that could potentially choke your child. Ensure toys feature sturdy construction, are washable, and have a safe finish. Simultaneously, you'll want to avoid toys with loose or removable parts; ribbons, strings; and cords that are more than six inches in length.

It offers a multi-sensory experience

Find multi-functional toys that make noise, light up, and comprise different textures. These will engage a child more than toys that simply light up. Such toys have proven beneficial to children, particularly those with special needs. Additionally, they provide a different kind of stimulation.

Be careful with batteries

Batteries constitute chemicals that can be toxic. With electronic devices getting slimmer, more comprise small button batteries. Ensure toys with batteries are secure so they can't come loose. Beware of items such as remote controls that might comprise button batteries.

If you buy a toy gift that needs batteries, don't incorporate a package of batteries that a child can unwrap. Instead, give the package to the child's guardian or parent.

How to Buy Pet Accessories

Pet accessories can be fun to shop for but you must watch for possibly dangerous materials and designs. Consider these factors when shopping for your pet:

Physical Stability

It can be hard to determine with certainty whether a bird perch or cat tree is safe. However, a personal inspection can help you make an informed decision. Huge items such as carpeted trees or scratching posts must be sturdy and sufficiently heavy to prevent them from falling off when your pet plays.

Inhalant and Swallowing Hazards

While ribboned Wise Zebra toys can be fun, numerous dogs and cats love eating string. Before buying toys with long, hanging pieces, ensure they have a firm attachment and won't rip apart easily.

Also, ensure the toy lacks small pieces that pets can swallow easily because they're usually plastic-made or comprise materials that pets shouldn't eat. You want to avoid fume-based applications unless prescribed by the veterinarian.

If you're in the market for a range of household items such as apparel, toys, gardening tools, and pet accessories, you'll need to invest in quality products.

Factors to Consider When Shopping for Toys