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Everything You Wanted to Know About THC Diamonds

THC diamonds are the most potent but least understood concentrate. These marijuana products vary in color, uses, consistency, and effects, resulting in a great deal of confusion.

Lately, there has been an overwhelming surge in the popularity of some of the purest and most potent cannabis extracts, namely live diamonds. What exactly are they and what are their effects? Here is your answer to all your questions revolving around this exclusive cannabis-derived potion. 

THC Diamonds: What Are They?

Also known as cannabis diamonds, these crystalline versions are 99% pure THCA. These little gems are a treat to your eyes and are super potent. In their smallest form, THC diamonds mimic granulated sugar. They are also a diamond look-alike in their most abundant, full-sized form.

Terpenes and other cannabinoids make up for the remaining 1% of the THC diamond. Unlike other concentrates, it is the purest THCA and will not get you high unless vaped or combusted. 

What Is THC-A?

Being the non-psychoactive precursor of THC, the THC-A is nothing but tetrahydrocannabinolic acid content present in cannabis diamonds. Only heat and combustion can convert THC-A into THC. Otherwise, it is quite ineffective on its own.

As such, you may not experience the same euphoric and psychoactive sensations when compared to a product with high THC. The highest concentrations of THC-A can be found in raw cannabis plants. Their separation from the plant is what causes the formation of live diamonds. 

How to Consume THC Diamonds?

Raw THC-A is ideal for those who are sensitive to THC or prefer not to get high. You will benefit immensely from its therapeutic properties that fight inflammation. Cannabis crystals go through a chain of chemical reactions that help us derive only pure isolates. These compact bits of THCA gets converted to THC when exposed to vaping or combustion.

However, it does lack terpenes that are otherwise found in cannabis products. Mixing them with other products can appreciate the missing flavor or odor. You can even powder the crystals and fill up empty capsules. While it won't get you high, THCA does have its effects in treating and preventing endocannabinoid system deficiencies. It is even possible to dab these diamonds but is considered non-ideal for lightweights. 

Live diamonds are a versatile way to experience the many health benefits of the plants. You can also experience new highs when you smoke or dab these diamonds. Any method involving a heating element that reaches over 350 Fahrenheit can release and activate the THC within.

Impact of THC Diamonds

THC diamonds are intense and aren't for the faint-hearted. Compare an average marijuana plant to a THC crystal, and it is easy to gauge the difference. While cannabis flowers have 20-25% of THC on an average, THC diamonds contain almost a full 100%. Hence, you may expect four times the potency than a common dried herb. 

THCA crystals are relatively new to the world of cannabis concentrates and are already taking over the markets by storm. Often referred to as the most robust content, this crystallized extract is gaining severe traction owing to its high potency. With high doses of THC-A, it makes for the top choice of experienced smokers.