Everything You Need to Know About Immune System During Corona Virus Epidemic
March 18, 2020

Everything You Need to Know About Immune System During Corona Virus Epidemic

As the COVID-19 virus or the Coronavirus continues to spread, experts are starting to address the immune system response. By looking at how the immune system responds to this virus, experts can provide better advice to the public on how to protect their health.

A holistic perspective in protecting public health, while waiting for vaccines and antivirals to be developed, seems the rational approach. If the public can take precautions for self-protection in the interim, their immune systems will be the best safeguard they have. 

Everything You Need to Know About Immune System During Corona Virus Epidemic 

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Get sufficient rest to protect your immune system

When you get enough rest, your body produces fewer cytokines. Cytokines are a protein type that are good at protecting you against infections or inflammation. 

Inflammation is your immune system’s response to an invasive virus or bacteria, for example. Your body generates cytokines and releases these while you’re sleeping. Sleep too little – and fewer protective proteins are produced to protect you. 

Catch up on lost sleep by taking a minimum of two naps of 30-minutes each during the day to support your immune system. If this is not possible, then rest your mind be listening to some binaural beats to support a relaxed state of mind while on the go.

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A meditative state of mind decreases negative stress effects

Meditation helps to relax the body and mind. It reduces stress and the stress response which compromises the immune system. A compromised immune system is less able to effectively protect your body from viruses and other threats. Using meditation to relax will boost your immune system by decreasing stress and its harmful effects on your mind and body.

Mindful meditative practices can be found in the form of yoga, tai chi, qigong and similar forms of exercise. The mind, breath and body are simultaneously engaged in these exercises. 

The outcome is a relaxed body and mind and a strengthened immune system. These exercises promote a positive outlook over time, further improving immune system strength and the ability to manage stress in a healthful manner.

Healthy eating habits

Improvements in what you feed your body is another way to enhance your immune system. Eat healthy foods for a healthy body and mind. More information is coming to light about the importance of the brain-gut relationship to health. Focusing on eating ‘live’ foods rather than processed foods is a sure way to strengthen your immune system. 

Try and eat more organic food. If this is not possible, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables. Limit or completely eliminate your intake of red meat. 

You can also reduce your intake of poultry to regain physical health and get your protein from other food sources. Replacing meat and poultry with fish is another option to boost immune system health to fight the Coronavirus.

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Everything You Need to Know About Immune System During Corona Virus Epidemic

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Irregular, regular fasting

Ancient wisdom promoted fasting at least one day a week. Some ancient teachings promoted fasting for three days and more. The reason for fasting is to clean out the body’s cells and particularly the digestive system. 

Fasting helps to eliminate the toxins that cause cellular damage. Simply drinking water for three days is sufficient to reset your immune system, creating one that can provide a strong response to any foreign invasions such as COVID-19.

Fasting promotes cell cleaning, rejuvenation, and replication – promoting white blood cell production. This is a quick way to boost your health. It is also a fantastic way to increase your energy levels and is one of nature’s best doctors. Treat yourself to a 1 to 3 day fast under medical supervision to give your immune system the kickstart it needs.

Positive thinking promotes a healthy mind and body

Positive thinking is often neglected in the quest to boost the immune system. Some people do not understand or appreciate the fact that our very thoughts can change our cellular structure. Because our thoughts are so powerful, this is a rich source for improving health and generating an immune system that can respond positively to threats.

Do whatever it takes to support your health and support a strong immune system. Listen to music, watch funny movies, and spend time on introspection. During quiet time, ensure your self-talk is wholly positive. Your cells are conscious. They hear and respond to your voice according to the words you express. And, make sure you speak the words out loud.

In times of stress, your immune system can take an unnecessary beating. Becoming conscious about how lifestyle choices and practices can positively impact your immune system to protect you from threats like the COVID-19 is essential. 


Start making small changes now to your eating habits. Consider going on a short fast under medical supervision, to kickstart your immune system. Learn how meditation can change your health and engage in this activity daily. 

Be sure to get enough sleep and practice self-talk aloud and positive thinking to further support your immune system. Your immune system is the barrier between good health and poor health, no matter the threat. Look after it well, and it will look after you. 

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