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Everything You Need to Know About Creating a Funeral Service Program

Losing a family member or someone very close to you is the worst time of life. The shock, the grief, and the pain are almost unbearable. But this is the circle of life; you have to face it. It is pretty hard for the inconsolable family and friends to focus on anything as this mournful event occupies them completely.

It is essential to have some control over emotions and take care of the tasks that require the utmost attention. One of those tasks is to create a respectful funeral service program for the loved one who is no more with you. The funeral service program is a very personalized card or letter whose theme revolves around the deceased. It reflects the emotions and feelings of the family towards the person who just passed away. 

Here you will find everything you need to know about funeral programs. There are six elements of the funeral service. Each one of them is important and needs special attention to give the best result when combined.

Program Cover

The cover or title page creates the impression as it is the first thing visible to the reader. In the case of the funeral service program cover, it should look more personal and should connect readers with the deceased one and affected family. You may select the best picture of your loved one for the cover. Other important information about the late should be written on covers, such as date of birth and death, time and place of the funeral service, and title of the service.

Order of Service

This is the next part of the funeral service program and an important one. This section, the flow of services included in the funeral event, is written for the guests to have a better idea about the proceedings. Information in this section significantly depends upon the religious beliefs of the deceased and is drafted accordingly.


The obituary is the piece of information that entails the late person’s highlights of life. Information such as place of birth and living, information about family, stories, and other personal information that may be deemed necessary will be included in an obituary.

Mention Family Members

In the funeral service program, it is worth mentioning the deceased immediate family members who are left behind. Guests need to know who are the grieving family members, so if they want, they can sympathize with them in person.

Other Important Essentials 

You may add creative designs to your funeral programs to give it a more personalized touch. Having it made on a color theme, which was also a favorite color of the deceased, can add more emotion to the program. Including family, photos can also be a good idea.

Back Cover of Funeral Program

It is the last part of the funeral program. In this section, you may write a memorial verse, a personal quotation from a spouse, daughter, or son. You may also mention the names of Paul Bearers and flower bearers and end your service program with a thank you message from the family.

Live-Streaming and Online Condolence Information

In a globalized world, it is often not possible for all mourners to attend the funeral in person. Many funerals nowadays have a website or some sort of online presence for mourners to pay their tributes online. Typically, the family or funeral directors would hire a professional funeral live streaming service to broadcast the funeral live over the web. The live video player can be embedded on the tribute page. After the funeral, the recording will stay online for mourners to rewatch and leave their thoughts and prayers in an online condolence book. 

Printing the Program Booklet

If you have designed the booklet yourself, then you can print it at home. You can save some bucks, but you must look for the quality and cost of ink. It is wiser to get it printed from any printing vendor. It will give your service program the best color quality. Printing vendors are experts in such jobs, so they might suggest some ways in which you can make your funeral service program better.

Funeral Service programs are the only document about the deceased, which is distributed for the last time. Hence it turns out to be the single item that can keep the memories of the departed soul alive whenever you see it. It deserves to be designed in the best creative and quality manner. Hence it is recommended to have the service of professionals to develop the best creative funeral service program.