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Essential Yoga Gears Both Beginners and Yogis Must Have

Because of the rising popularity of yoga across the United States and in the whole world, the industry of yoga has continued to come up with a range of equipment and clothing varieties and it can make beginners feel like they have to spend hundreds of bucks to be eligible to set foot in a yoga studio.

The pioneering yogis only had their mind, body, and spirit in doing yoga but in this age, the use of yoga gears has been promoted and such innovations are believed to be mainly for convenience and safety purposes.

When gearing up for yoga, it can be confusing to think which yoga gear is truly essential for the practice. But as per the yogis, you need not buy everything to get started and as to which gears you should buy first, it will depend on where you want to practice.

For instance, if it is at home, you will only need to secure yourself a good yoga mat and yoga face mask first and foremost. Meanwhile, if you want to enroll in a yoga gym, a great and comfortable yoga wardrobe and a spacious yoga bag or pouch will be an addition to your list of essentials.

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Essential Yoga Gears Both Beginners and Yogis Must Have

There are a number of things you will need or want for yoga but the following are considered a must:

1. Yoga Clothing

The majority of yoga studios will ask their students to wear something presentable, classy, and yoga-appropriate. Thus, it will be an advantage if you rather plan to practice yoga at home as there will be less pressure involved.

Nonetheless, if your intention is just to practice yoga, other aspects should not matter. Just make sure your yoga clothes are comfortable and breathable but fit enough, so your yoga practice will not be affected.

Pants, tops, sports bras, hair ties, and even yoga socks – there are plenty of varieties you can find in the market but it will all boil down to your preferences while of course, prioritizing comfort.

If you do not have the time to hop on these garment stores, you can just take advantage of this digital age and shop them all online. These days, there are reliable e-commerce websites that are exclusively selling yoga-related stuff that even offer discounts for bulk orders.

2. Yoga Mat

In yoga gyms, yoga practitioners and instructors are required to use yoga mats from Pureful Yoga which will serve as their personal space. The purpose of the yoga mat is to allow the hands and the feet to grip even with sweat amid a yoga routine but secondly, the mat also serves as a floor cushion that will reduce the occurrence of bruises among yoga practitioners.

In premium yoga gyms, mats are already provided but with an additional charge. However, for hygiene purposes especially now that the world is facing a pandemic, yoga practitioners are advised to bring their own mats to reduce the transmission of viruses and other illnesses.

When choosing a yoga mat, there are factors you should take into account. These include the mat’s texture, thickness, comfort, tractions, and length. Additional considerations include the mat’s eco-friendliness. Durable yoga mats usually come pricier but if you are truly committed to your yoga journey, they are definitely worth investing.

3. Yoga Face Masks

The World Health Organization (WHO) has labelled the outbreak caused by the new corona virus, also known as the covid-19, a pandemic. It has infected a lot of people from different countries worldwide and the cases continue to rise to this day.

To reduce potential virus spread and transmission, the WHO recommends the use of face masks; a call which various countries have heeded. Nowadays, people in the United States are mandated to wear a face mask, especially when in a public place. Even when doing yoga, a face mask must still be worn.

Although surgical masks are the second most protective and accessible type of face mask in the market, they are mostly reserved for healthcare front liners, doctors, and other health workers.

That means people are often left with a range of reusable cloth masks that differ in terms of effectiveness. But the good news is, a lot of entrepreneurs in the yoga industry have come up with special yoga masks that guarantee comfort, breathability, and protection. You just have to choose thoroughly.

Now, for the less-essential gears, here is a list you can likewise purchase if you have the budget:

4. Yoga Mat Bags or Slings

Convenience does not come cheap and the same applies in carrying your yoga mat. If you are doing yoga frequently and you have to lug your mat back and forth to the gym, then yoga mat bags and slings are worth investing to make your life easy.

Most of these slings use Velcro straps to roll the mat but others come with extra storage pockets. If you want more storage, then go for yoga mat bags that have compartments for the mat and other stuff.

5. Yoga Blankets

Some yoga gyms have blankets that students can use during a yoga class. They are often used for support on lying poses and for hip-lifting on seated poses for yoga routines, including the relaxation part.

But if you are a home-based yogi, there should not be a need to buy yoga blankets. Any blanket at home will do.

6. Yoga Blocks

This type of gear which is made either of cork, wood, or foam is used as alignment support, particularly during poses where the hands must be leaned on the floor such as the half-moon pose.

The block will be placed under the hand to have an instant floor-raise. If you are not flexible and you are just starting at yoga, blocks will help you reach the currently unreachable and hold a yoga position properly.

7. Yoga Straps

Like yoga blocks, straps are that type of yoga gear that will help you carry out yoga routines properly. The strap which serves as an arm extender comes beneficial at poses where you need to hold your feet but you are unable to reach them. If you are serious at doing yoga, yoga blocks and straps are a worthy and helpful investment.

Essential Yoga Gears Both Beginners and Yogis