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Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

With Endoscopic mid-face lift surgeries, you can have a younger and fresh look.
It is the lifting of the skin with the incision and the successful removal of the flaccid image by surgery.

Endoscopic Mid-Face Lift

Endoscopic mid-face lift Istanbul is a surgical operation to solve the problems in the area around the mouth, cheekbones, cheek and eyelid area.

In these structures located in the middle area of the face, we can see that sagging and lines become evident with aging and gravity. When this happens, a tired image begins to appear. Endoscopic mid-face lift surgery can also get a younger look.

What does the Endoscopic Mid-face Lifting do?

Endoscopic mid-face lifting is a surgical operation performed with a very small incision with very successful results in people who show early signs of aging without requiring ”full face rejuvenation“. In this method, it is an excellent option that gives excellent results in people who have less stenosis and looseness.

In the endoscopic mid-face lift operation, a small amount of small incisions in the scalp, temple area and sometimes in the mouth are applied. The dangling tissues on the cheeks are treated with an endoscope (a small light source camera) and special tools.