Desert safari tips
December 02, 2023

Dubai Desert Safari Tips: What to Wear, What to Expect, and More

Going on a Dubai desert safari is a super exciting adventure, but getting ready right makes it way more awesome. This guide has all the important tips to make your desert trip super easy. First things first, what you wear matters a lot. 

Get ready for a super fun ride over the sand dunes, so make sure to wear your seatbelt for a crazy cool journey. And hey, don't forget sunscreen to keep the hot sun away. We're here to tell you all about camel rides and hanging out in Bedouin camps. So, get set for an amazing time in the beautiful desert with our easy Dubai Desert Safari Tips.

Desert safari tips

Dress Right for the Desert: Picking Your Outfit

Getting ready for a Dubai desert adventure starts with choosing comfy clothes. Wear loose, light fabrics to stay cool in the hot desert. Long sleeves and pants protect you from the sun while keeping you comfy. Closed-toe shoes are a must, especially if you're exploring the sandy land. 

Add a wide hat and sunglasses for extra sun shield. Don't forget, it can get cooler at night, so having a light jacket or scarf is smart. Dressing right ensures a comfy and fun time in the desert without losing your style. If you want to experience the best of the desert in December, you can check out the Dubai desert safari packages in December and enjoy a variety of activities and attractions.

Get Ready for a Wild Ride: Dune Bashing Fun

The most exciting part of a Dubai desert trip is the dune bashing ride. It's like a thrilling roller-coaster on the sandy hills. Skilled drivers zoom through the dunes, giving you an adrenaline kick. The 4x4 vehicle moves with expert skill, offering a mix of excitement and amazing views. 

Brace yourself for twists, turns, and dips, it's a super fun ride. Fasten your seatbelt tight and enjoy the adventure. The dune bashing ride is a special and unforgettable part of the desert trip, making memories that stick.

Stay Sun Smart: Tips for Sunscreen and Protection

The sun in Dubai's desert can be super strong, so being sun smart is a must. Put on sunscreen with a high SPF before going into the desert to protect your skin from the strong sun. 

Put more on during the day, especially after fun activities like dune bashing or camel rides. Wear a wide hat and sunglasses for extra face and eye protection. Bring a light scarf to cover your neck and shoulders for added sun defense.

Feast Under the Stars: Eating in Bedouin Camps

After all the desert fun, it's time to eat in a Bedouin camp. Enjoy tasty Arabian dishes, from grilled meats to yummy rice. Eat under the starry sky for a unique desert vibe. 

Many desert trips include live shows for a cultural touch. Eating local food in the calm desert setting makes the whole trip even better. Whether you try traditional or international dishes, the Bedouin camp dinner is a cool way to end your desert day.

Comfy with Creatures: Camel Rides and Desert Animals

A Dubai desert adventure often includes meeting cool desert animals. A camel ride is a must-try, letting you explore the sandy land like a Bedouin. 

Camels give a special view of the dunes. Keep your camera ready for pics of these gentle giants in their home. While big animals are rare, the desert has many small creatures adapted to the dry land. Seeing the local animals adds a natural wonder to your desert trip.

Traveling the Dunes: Knowing Your Safari Routes

Driving through the desert needs skilled drivers and good safari routes. The 4x4 vehicles follow paths that make the trip thrilling and safe. Guides make sure you enjoy the ride without hurting the desert. 

The routes cover different terrains, from high dunes to open spaces, making the trip varied and cool. Knowing about the safari routes adds to enjoying the changing desert. It's like a carefully planned adventure showing off the beauty of the dunes while caring for the desert.

Capture the Magic: Photo Tips for Desert Views

The Dubai desert is a dream for photo lovers. Snap pics of moving dunes, and warm sand colors, and play with light and shadow at different times. Capture the magic during sunrise or sunset for awesome landscapes. 

Try different angles to show the vastness of the desert and the patterns in the dunes. Bring a good camera or smartphone with enough space for your adventure pics. With the right tricks, you create a visual story keeping the magic of your desert trip.

Nighttime Wonders: Evening Fun in the Desert

As the sun sets, the magic continues with nighttime shows in the Bedouin camp. Watch traditional dances like belly dancing and Tanoura under the stars. The night sky adds to the cool vibes as you chill in the desert. 

Many trips let you gaze at stars away from city lights. Whether you love the shows or just enjoy the night sky, the desert night makes great memories.

Stay Safe: Important Tips for a Secure Safari

Staying safe on your desert trip is super important. Follow the rules from your guides to make sure you're safe during the adventure. Always wear your seatbelt during dune bashing and do what the safari organizers say for safety. 

Drink water often, especially in the desert heat. If you have health worries, tell your guide before the trip. Be careful around wildlife, keeping a good distance. By putting safety first and doing what's suggested, you can have a blast on your desert trip while avoiding problems.

Culture Connection: Being Part of Bedouin Traditions

Dive into the cool culture of the Bedouin people during your desert trip. Try on traditional clothes and join in real activities. Learn why camel riding is important for Bedouins and get a peek into their nomadic life

Some Bedouin camps offer henna painting and traditional music for a deeper cultural connection. By joining Bedouin traditions, you not only understand the area better but also help keep their cool practices alive. Connect with the desert in a cultural way for an awesome and enriching safari.