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Dubai Airports Update 2020

Dubai Airports update 2020

Dubai airport confirms that they will continue to support the scheduled passenger's flights just for the approved airlines. It is further followed by the re-opening of the aviation industry by the Emirates Government and other authorities.

They permit all the Emirati residents to travel to and from Dubai to low-risk countries. People can only travel after meeting the proper health and safety conditions. Now, if you are ready to travel to Dubai, just make sure to Car Rental Dubai in advance to avoid contact with people.

Everything you need to know about air procedures and COVID testing:

After several months of travel ban and disruptions across the world, normal flights are coming back to life. But, the rules and regulations to travel around the world have been changed worldwide. The travel ban has been relaxed somehow since June 23 in many countries including UAE. Also, tourists are welcomed back in Dubai from 7 July 2020.

Safety measures for the airport:

To maintain health and safety throughout the airport and flight, precautionary measurements are implemented throughout the airport area. All these measurements include protective Plexiglas at check-in and immigration counters, social distancing marks, temperature screening, and increased sanitization levels in compliance with international rules and standards set by WHO and other relevant authorities.

PCR testing:

All the airbus passengers are to follow the conditions in order to take to/from flights from DWC or DXB. Have a look at these conditions to travel safely.

  • You are required to carry a negative Coronavirus test report or certificate before arriving at DWC or DXB. It applies to all people whether you are a tourist, resident of UAE, or a transit passenger.
  • You are required to carry a negative coronavirus test report or certificate before departing from DXB or DWC to the United Kingdom or European Union. It is also applicable to the residents, citizens, and tourists.
  • The COVID19 certificates will be only valid for 4 days (96 hours) from the time of the PCR test.
  • Children with disabilities (modern or severe) are exempt from PCR tests.
  • Children under the age of 12 years old are exempt from the PCR test.
  • Some of the passengers may also require to take another PCR test in DXB.

Note: For further information, all the passengers are advised to stay in touch with their airline companies before traveling. Also, book your Cheap Car Rental Dubai services in advance so you don’t have to stay at the airport for a long period.

Dubai Airport procedure updates:

To maintain social distancing policies and public safety, all passengers that are departing from DXB are reminded to adhere to the following guidelines.

  • Only valid ticket holders are allowed inside the terminal building.
  • You should go to the airport at the right time just before your scheduled flight time. (no unnecessary roaming around at the airports).
  • Use proper safety measurements like masks, protective gloves, etc. Also, it must be worn by all travelers during the entire flight.
  • Passengers are advised to use hand sanitizers every few minutes.
  • Passengers with coronavirus symptoms are strongly advised to not come to the airport and seek medical help.

Check terminal before your flight:

All the Emirates airline flights are operated from Terminal 3 from DXB. All other airlines will operate from Terminal 2 or 3. Also, all passengers must consult their airlines to confirm the exact operation and timings before coming to the airports.

Dubai airports are fully committed to support all the health & safety precautions to ensure the safety of all passengers, the whole employees, and the community.


Here are the Dubai airport updates 2020 to travel safe and sound around the world. Don’t forget to follow these rules and precautionary measurements to keep yourself and your loved ones safe. For less contact and avoid waiting at the airport hire a car before your flight.