Dressers to Replace Your Closet
September 16, 2021

Dressers to Replace Your Closet

As you well know, not all apartments come with luxurious walk-in closets. In fact, most don’t have nearly enough closet space for even a basic wardrobe. Whether you have a closet or not, however, a dresser is a fantastic way to maximize your space, and not only in the bedroom.

Folding allows you to fit far more items than the space occupied by hanging clothes; moreover, the separate drawers of a dresser are a great way to organize your clothing by type and prioritize locations based on your lifestyle.

For example, if you tend to change your shirt when you come home from work each day, keeping shirts in an upper drawer makes more sense than the standard sock-drawer approach. If you struggle to match outfits, you can even store already paired shirt and pants combinations in a certain drawer. You can even set out outfits the night before and leave them on top of a lower dresser.

The beauty of a dresser is the flexibility it offers. You don’t even need to use a dresser for clothing. In fact, if you have a bedroom closet with enough rack space for your clothes but with no extra shelving, a dresser is a perfect storage option for anything that you need regular access to. After all, crawling under the bed every day is a recipe for frustration and apartment-hunting.

In a living area or dining room, a dresser offers an additional design element that doubles as easily accessible storage space. Rather than climbing up into the attic or hunting around the back of a storage closet every time you want to host and need a nice tablecloth, keeping a multipurpose dresser accessible means, you can swap out seasonal items with far less hassle.

Online retailers are a great place to find cheap dressers https://www.1stopbedrooms.com/bedroom/dressers free shipping included and delivery directly to your home. Transporting furniture in or on top of your car is never a fun time.

Of course, size and style are always important considerations when selecting a dresser. A closet operates as a hidden storage space, where a dresser is a visible, stylistic elements of a room. It’s important to consider how a dresser will complement and add to the existing furnishings and décor. One of the most impactful accessories that come with many dressers are large mirrors.

Rather than risking hanging heavier mirrors on the wall, the matching mirrors that sit above a dresser often allow you to place that weight directly on the much sturdier dresser frame. These large mirrors are a fantastic way to introduce more light into any space since they amplify existing light sources by reflecting them back into the room.

Whether you’re working with a house or tiny apartment, a dresser can be a great way to provide practical storage while adding to the overall appeal of a space. Keeping in mind the specifications demanded by your space, you’ll easily find the perfect dresser to optimize your space.