Don’t Throw Your Perfume Bottles Away Just Yet– DIY Tricks to Use Them After the Scent Is Gone!
November 29, 2018

Don’t Throw Your Perfume Bottles Away Just Yet– DIY Tricks to Use Them After the Scent Is Gone!

Most perfume bottles are very pretty. They come in various colours, shapes and sizes. In fact, even when the perfume is over, we store the bottles.

We keep them because they are too beautiful to throw away (also pretty expensive most of them).

However, even after keeping them for months or years, we never figure out how to use these empty perfume bottles and eventually, we do end up throwing them away.

Empty perfume bottle


Empty perfume bottles can be used to decorate your house in a very fashionable manner. However, it is really important that you clean these bottles before you use them for any other purposes. Perfumes contain harmful elements that can damage whatever you put inside it.

Therefore, a thorough cleaning will do the trick, which you can do just by removing the cap and the spray part of the bottle and wash it with some soap and water. Finally, you have the most beautiful piece or container that you can put to good use by getting a little creative.

Use empty perfume bottles to decorate your house – Follow these tips

If you have been saving up empty perfume bottles, then you are in for a treat. We are going to discuss the many different ways in which you can use these perfume bottles. Most of these are easy and you can easily do these at home.

  1. Vase: Vases can be quite expensive to purchase, but if you use the exhausted perfume bottle that is just sitting on your cupboard and collecting dust, you can have a beautiful vase free of cost for your home. Depending on the size of the perfume bottle, you can decide what type of flowers to put in the bottle. You can put it on a desk, a bedside table or in your sitting area as well. It is sure to fetch you some compliments.
  2. Jewellery Holder: If you collect jewellery and perfume bottles, then this is going to be quite helpful for you. Smaller pieces of jewellery like earrings, necklace parts, hooks, clips and more can be stored in empty perfume bottles. You will have a beautiful and innovative jewellery box. These boxes are decorative and can be used as jewellery boxes as well. You can even embellish them with colourful stones and beads to make them look even better. 
  3. Art: The shapes and curves of perfume bottles make the most aesthetic pieces of art. You can paint them the way you want, experiment with different colours and mediums and then place the bottle near a light source. This can really brighten up any area in your home and add a glamorous and sophisticated touch to the entire area. You will have a beautiful showpiece without paying anything extra. 
  4. Table decoration: Another very common use of perfume bottles is as a candle holder or a table decoration piece. Perfume bottles that are moderately wide and have a fairly wide mouth can be used for holding candles and other table decorative pieces. This can set the ambience on your dinner table from cool and casual to classy and grand, depending on what kind of bottle you use and how you use it. It is safe to say that perfume bottles make excellent centrepieces. 
  5. Wall décor: This works with only certain perfume bottles. If the perfume bottle that you are planning to use creatively is fairly big and has a fairly wide mouth, you can mount it on a  shelf or hang on a wall. Then you can colour or paint the perfume bottle the way that you want to and insert small lights or fairy lights or tea lights in them. They can light up a room really well and work as excellent mood lighting.

These are just some of the ways in which you can reuse old and empty perfume bottles and bring out the creative side in you, as well as enhance the beauty of your home!