Do You Know T-shirt Can Help You Generate Leads? Read How?
January 17, 2020

Do You Know T-shirt Can Help You Generate Leads? Read How?

Do You Know T-shirt Can Help You Generate Leads? Read How?

Have you ever thought about which is that particular gift that is reliable, predictable, and promotional at the same time? Swag t-shirt designs have not only been winning customers’ hearts but can also be used to boost your business revenue.

T-shirt is the only garment that has the potential to increase brand visibility. They are a highly durable, classic, and versatile type of clothing that usually lasts for around 3 to 4 years according to a recent study.

Don’t you think this is a golden chance for any company to get extra mileage and grab hundreds of eyeballs over their promotional t-shirt? An added benefit, if the t-shirt is uniquely designed, the receiver loves wearing them again and again.

They are an effective way to regain brand loyalty and spread awareness about your brand. But how do you do that? How are you going to outshine your brand from the others?

Here in this blog, we have listed some of the ideas that will assist you in planning your next t-shirt marketing campaign. The first and the foremost step to do is to find a t shirt printing Singapore service who will do the bulk printing for your event. The next steps are as below:

  • Give the t-shirt to your employees:

Do you have a defined dress code for your company yet? No? Well, this is the right time to start planning a t-shirt design that will advocate for your employees and thereby boost their engagement with the company.

The next thing that you can do is to plan and decide on one specific day when every employee would wear your branded t-shirt. Additionally, a new employee coming on board with the company should be given that t-shirt itself on their first day.

A bonus advise: Print some catchy and casual messages over the t-shirt. Whenever your employees travel to another place, wearing it, it spreads your brand’s message.

  • Give the t-shirt to your esteemed customers and partners:

If you wish to promote your product, the best way to do is to reach out to your valuable partners. And when your customers or partners wear these t-shirts happily, understand that the half-game is won. Your t-shirt will speak more than your words, and these t-shirts will play the role of the brand ambassadors.

Give these t-shirts away to the most loyal customers during the festive times, especially and receive a warm appreciation in return. These appreciation gifts will, in the future, become your loyal brand ambassador.

  • Give these t-shirts away on contests running over social media:

Do You Know T-shirt Can Help You Generate Leads? Read How?

Do you know how much the average time a normal person spends over social media? Almost 2 hours in a day. Now think how much more effective would it become if you can showcase your branded t-shirt over these platforms on a daily basis?

As a part of the marketing campaign, you would definitely be posting videos and blogs regularly. And the only thing you have to do now is, including the pictures of your employees wearing the same in these blogs. What next you can do is run a contest and give away these t-shirts to the contest winner.

By receiving these free-gifts, the audience will be more than happy, and in a way, they would indirectly promote the brand. Are you excited to give away free t-shirts to your loyal subscribers?

With so many benefits on the list, you may ask, Why t-shirts only? Here is your answer to it.

T-shirts have the highest visibility:

Along with being a cost-effective option, creative t-shirts designs and options are readily available. Additionally, people will wear them and not put them into their pockets like business cards say a popular moving leads provider.

Hence, t-shirts have the marketing power more than you can ever imagine because of the maximum visibility.

And people just can not ignore a sassy and eye-catching design. They are going to be the first thing everyone would notice in the surroundings.

It connects emotionally with the audience:

Another major difference between promotional products and t-shirts is that it enforces brand loyalty. If someone is dressed well, we instantly notice it, and if someone is dressed up badly, it is vice versa.

Hence, a t-shirt is a vital and common thing that everyone loves wearing even on a day to day basis. Hence, when someone puts up a t-shirt with your brand name, you will be seen, and it shows that they are emotionally connected with the brand. We are sure how much emotionally connected you are with your old-school t-shirts, isn’t it?

T-shirts give value for money:

Do You Know T-shirt Can Help You Generate Leads? Read How?

People spend hundreds of bucks behind purchasing a t-shirt. They do not give a second thought if they are getting a high-quality t-shirt in return. And when you go for a high-quality bulk t-shirt printing from cheap t shirt printing Singapore, your final cost automatically gets reduced.

We understand that marketing only revolves around Return On Investment. If you are investing in it, you should definitely get a good ROI. If you haven’t yet invested in t-shirt marketing, it is the right time to pocket some good leads using it. Once you have got them printed, start reaping the benefits. All the very best!