Do We Really Need To Wear Glasses In Winter?
October 04, 2020

Do We Really Need To Wear Glasses In Winter?

An opinion pops up in our mind that this article is only about people with weak eyesight. Actually, in winter, glasses are as important as other stuff like scarfs, sweaters, and socks, etc. Sunglasses give you a perfect sassy look. You look lit and quite confident.

Girls never forget to wear makeup, but why the use of glasses is always neglected? Likewise, men never forget to use perfume but glasses. Glasses nowadays is a fashion symbol and its human instinct to look good and better. Glasses are essential in winters too. Let's discuss, why?

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Radiations Exposure:

 In winter, UV radiations are 85 percent more as compared to summers. UV rays are one of the reasons for the development of Cataracts along with macular degeneration. "First, exposure to UV rays damages your corneas," says Dr. Brand. In the long run, the lens of the eye grows cataracts. We all form cataracts with age, but this course is fast-tracked by exposure to the sun. 

Right sunglasses can restrict harmful Radiations like UVC, UVA, and UVB. The area around the eyes is very delegate, and its exposure to UV rays can cause problems like early aging and wrinkles. Sunglasses provide exceptional protection from UV light, thus preventing the above-captioned issues from appearing.

Dirt and Debris:

Sunglasses are the perfect means to protect your eyes from the irritation caused by dirt and particles flying around, especially when you are traveling. They cover your eyes from direct exposure by creating a barrier and prevent contact lenses from drying and saves you from corneal abrasions.

Tight-fitting, a wraparound type can predominantly save your eyes from the breeze, dust, and fragmental injuries. Hydrophobic coatings can repel dust, liquid, lubricants, impressions, and creams. It's effortless to clean and maintain.

Reflective Glares:

In this cold season, we experience bright reflections, ultimately causing glares due to precipitation and ice. These glares can induce impaired visions which are extremely dangerous for drivers. Polarizes glasses can minimize rays.

Polarized lenses are a good option if you spend most of your time outdoors. It provides you with clearer visions in bright lights; it reduces eyestrains and enhances contrast, and minimizes color distortions. Thus, providing a soothing experience for your eyes. 

Vision Improvement:

Eyes are the sensitive part of our body, and it requires the right conditions to function correctly. They need good light conditions because too much light is as harmful as dim light. In the snowy season when sunlight is directly hitting the snow, causes glare. This glare can cause light-induced Bleaching of the retinas and affect eyesight.

Renowned eye specialists emphasize the use of excellent and high-quality glasses. Continuously revealing eyes to these intense glares can permanently damage eyesight.

Eyestrain and Headaches

Pupils in our eyes control light. They hold the amount of light entering our eyes. In dim light conditions pupils tend to expand so that maximum light can enter, and in brighter conditions where the intensity of light is much greater pupils tend to squeeze, to restrain extra light. 

But our body has certain limitations so that our eyes. Pupils can dilate and contract up to a specific limit. In brighter conditions pupils are unable to block all the extra light striking Retina. This constant squinting and tightening can cause headaches and eyestrains. Sunglasses can help to limit the amount and intensity of light. And is the best way of eye protection.

Fogging of glasses:

The COVID-19 epidemic has changed our lives altogether. Wearing a mask is obligatory when you are going out. Wearing a mask creates a massive problem for those wearing glasses by creating fog on the surface of the glass. When the hot air of your breath came in contact with the cold surface of glass condensation occurs ultimately blurring your view.

This problem can easily be solved by concealing the gap between your mask and nose. You can use medical tape for that purpose.  Hence, glasses are more important to wear in winter as compared to summer. SunGlasses not only serves our need to be fashionable and to look good but also saves us from many of the eye-related issues, so grab a good quality Sunglasses and be enjoy!