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DIY Guide: Turn 10 Common Household Items Into Planters

DIY Guide: Turn 10 Common Household Items Into Planters

Gardening requires a bit of imagination if you want to create something unordinary that will be your garden’s highlight.

Luckily, we humans tend to use our imagination in the best way possible and come with ideas that can impress even the critics and skeptics.

For all those with problems figuring out how to create something unique in their garden, we came up with a list of 10 household items you can turn into outdoor planters and reinvent your backyard.

1. Old Bike

Take out your old bike from the garage; paint it white, and voilà. You got yourself one of the most unusual garden planters that many found to be visually attractive.

Many gardeners loved the idea of a white bicycle decorated with flower baskets sitting in their gardens in the front yard.

2. Tree Stump

If you happen to clear out your yard by cutting down old trees, keep in mind that you can hollow out the tree stump, apply some wood protection for preventing decay, and fill it up with healthy soil that will grow your beautiful flowers.

The tree stump will blend in with natural surroundings perfectly. You can also decide on painting it in different colors if you want to make it blend in with some other garden decorations.

3. Old Tires

Filling up old car tires with soil and planting flowers is an old trick in the book but still in our hearts. Gardeners love to experiment with new ideas made from tires, and the results keep on impressing us.

One of the simplest tricks is to cut the tire along the edge in zigzag and reverse it upside-down. That will create something resembling a flower and will fit your garden perfectly.

4. Chandelier

One of the recent ideas is when renovating your home and getting rid of your outdated chandelier from the living room, you can make a nice small planters holder that you can hang on your front porch.

Take the chandelier, wash it and repaint it in a color that will suit the color of your front house wall, and you got yourself a fancy planter that whoever comes to visit you will enjoy seeing.

5. Old Cans

Old cans from your kitchen can have a colorful label on them and can be an imaginative decoration for your windows and entrances.

There’s no need to paint the cans as they already have a touch of style that will bring something new to your decor. Using old cans is also a great way of recycling your garbage and keeping nature a little bit cleaner.

6. Plastic Bottles

If you’re sincerely into preserving the environment and recycling your old materials, there’s no better way than using your used plastic bottles to create planters for your flowers.

Cutting the top of a plastic bottle is easy, and you can do it with only a sharp knife or a scalpel. After cutting the top, you can fill it up with rich soil and plant any flowers that will decorate your home or garden.

7. Old Boots

Old boots can be a very thoughtful way of creating a planter. If you have some old ones lying around in your closet, take them out, line them up, fill them with soil, and you got yourself planters that can sit outside your porch ready to impress.

Don’t throw out your old shoes yet, before trying this simple trick and if it will fit your garden or porch design.

8. Dresser Cabinets

If you’re kicking out your old bedroom dresser to replace it with a new and modern one, you can use the old one for filling up the drawers with soil and plating it with any plant you can imagine.

The dresser can sit next to your house wall in your garden, and if you combine it with some other household items, you can create an illusion of a living room right there in your garden.

9. Purses

Every woman has an old purse lying in the house without any purpose. You can create something new by filling it up with soil and planting your flowers, which you can hang anywhere outside.

If you think that you can’t use your purse ever again, think twice before throwing it out.

10. Mosaic Planters

If you’re renovating your bathroom, you can use your old tiles, break them up into small pieces, and create a planter as a mosaic. Assemble the parts carefully, try not to get hurt, and create a masterpiece.

You can choose if you’ll use one or more colors, and create something unique that many will think you went out and purchased it in a shop.


Here are our top ideas for creating a unique garden. Go ahead, search your home for these items, and create something most beautiful out of them.

Good luck, and have fun gardening.

DIY Guide: Turn 10 Common Household Items Into Planters

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