Diamonds that Made Headlines in 2020
February 13, 2020

Diamonds that Made Headlines in 2020

2019 was a big year for the diamond market with some of the largest and rarest stones being discovered and offered for sale. Let’s take a look at some of the stones that made headlines in 2019.

1. Big Blue

A type IIb blue diamond was discovered in the Cullinan mines in South Africa. The mine is owned and operated by Petra Diamonds. The gem-quality rough stone an anonymous buyer bought the stone for $14.9 million which amounted to $742,032 per carat. The blue diamond weighed 20.08ct.

2. Colossal constellation

In September, a 313-carat emerald diamond of VVS clarity was the biggest D color diamond in history. The diamond was presented by Nemesis International and was one of the 8 stones cut from the constellation rough that was 813 carats. The diamond was bought in a partnership between Nemesis International and de Grosogono of Switzerland.

3. Magnificent Jewel

A 10.64 carat, fancy vivid purplish pink, internally flawless diamond was the highlight of the Sotheby’s Hong Kong magnificent jewels auction held in October. The diamond sold for $19.9 million or roughly $1.9 million per carat.

4. Manami star

Also, at the Sotheby’s Hong Kong auction that took place in April of 2019 was the Manami star. The oval brilliant cut diamond was a D color grade, 88. 22 carat, flawless, type II diamond. It sold for $13.8 million.

5. Lasting legacy

In May of 2019 Petra diamonds offered a 425-carat diamond for sale. It was a stunning D color type II flawless diamond and sold for $15 million. The lasting legacy was bought collectively by Stargems group of Dubai and Choron from Switzerland.

6. Lesedi La Rona

Another of the largest diamonds of 2019 was the Graff Lesedi La Rona, a huge 302.37 carat, D color emerald cut diamond. This amazing stone was cut from an equally amazing 1109 carat rough stone. The rough stone also produced 66 other diamonds of varying sizes.

7. Argyle Octavia

The Rio Tinto Argyle mines which will be closing in 2021 unearthed a 28.84-carat diamond rough. This was the largest gem-quality diamond that the mine has ever produced.

8. Sewelo

Lucara mining company unearthed a huge 1738 carat diamond of near gem quality in a mine in Karowe in the April of 2019. It is the second-largest rough stone ever discovered. Previously that title was held by the Lesedi la Rona.

Many other diamonds were found in mines all across the world. The third-largest diamond unearthed in 2019 was a 374 carat rough stone that also came together with another 123-carat rough. The diamonds were mined in the Karowe mines of Botswana owned by Lucara diamonds.

The karowe mines also produced the 4th largest rough diamond of 2019. The stone is 240 carats and is top white.

Russian mining giant Alrosa discovered a 232.4-carat gem-quality diamond at the Udachnaya mine. It is the largest stone found in the last 3 years from the mine.

In April, Cullinan mines also produced a 209.9 carat type II D color diamond.

In October Russia’s Alrosa discovered a diamond within a diamond. It was named Matryoshka diamond and was the first diamond of its kind to ever be discovered.