Diamond Gift Guide For a Couple
November 21, 2020

Diamond Gift Guide For a Couple

It's Valentine's day or the birthday of your loving ones, diamonds ornaments and jewellery are one of the prettiest and best gifts to give. There is no doubt that diamonds are expensive, but they are the hardest and beautiful stone on Earth.

So, you can give a natural diamond gift from any diamond trader or diamond wholesaler. In this blog, we are going to tell you some diamond gift ideas that you can use on special days.

Diamond Eternity Rings

As the name suggests, it is enduring and one of the iconic jewellery in a diamond set. Giving a diamond ring on a special occasion would be great and if you gift this eternity ring then the person is going to love your present.

This ring is very attractive. There are small pieces of diamonds around the band. Here is a fact that you can consider if you like, the diamonds that are placed around this circular frame represents a bond of love and commitment that you and your partner do. 

This ring is also known as a promise ring too. If you want to give some diamond jewellery on their special occasion, then you can try this eternity ring for this time. And if you want to buy your promise ring, then click here.

Diamond Pendant Necklace

That was a ring for your hand finger, what about your neck? Yes, your neck also has to be decorated with a diamond pendant. You can ask a diamond manufacturer to make a custom shape diamond pendant that you want. Most people love to purchase a square, circle, triangle, or straight bar like diamond cuts for a pendant. 

If you visit a store or if you are shopping online, then you must check the whole catalogue of the products that the diamond supplier is providing. 

These kinds of pendants are fancy as well as lightweight also. So, if you are not a person who does not want to have heavy jewellery on their body then these are the best ornaments for you. 

Diamond Solitaire Necklace or Earrings

There is nothing more beautiful than simple things. Simple things are beautiful. There are people around the world who do want simple designs and structures in their jewellery. If you are from one of those then you should check this jewellery for you. 

Choosing a solitaire diamond over some other shapes would be great. This diamond necklace can suit you in all aspects. 

Albeit naturally valuable, precious stone solitaire accessories can be worn each day, and humble, layered neckbands have become a praise pattern among gem sweethearts over recent years. Solitaire jewel studs, as well, have a refined style about them: esteemed, easy-going - and consistently cool.

A Diamond Engagement Ring

Diamond rings are the most used and demanded product in the diamond industry. You may get this jewellery at a very low price or sometimes at a very high price too. There is no beautiful diamond jewel than a diamond engagement ring. 

You can check the whole catalogue of diamond rings for your reference. There are a lot of diamond rings, you pick one that suits you or your partner. Our experts are going to help you with this gift.

We have our dedicated team for each phase of the jewellery. First of all, you have to select a design from our catalogue, if you don’t find anything good, ask for a custom shape. Our CAD team will provide you the actual view and cuts of the ring that you are looking for. 

A 3D model will be generated with the help of software and when you give it a green signal then only we are going to make it. After this, our smiths will start their work and will deliver you the best quality diamond engagement ring in the market. 


So, these are some gift ideas that you can pick for your loved ones. Here we have discussed a diamond pendant, diamond eternity ring, and iconic diamond engagement ring.  You can also go with a custom shape diamond cut ring and pendant too. 

If you are having some link in the market, then you can ask your diamond trader to provide you some extra discount if they can. Natural diamonds are expensive, and if you go for a custom shape diamond then this thing is going to cost you more. So, choose accordingly.

Diamond Gift Guide For a Couple