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Dark And Adorable Goth Lolita Fashion Trends

Goth Lolita Fashion Trends

Gothic Lolita is a major subset of one of the world's longest and most iconic fashion trends. The blend of Victorian-inspired attire and moody colors make for an eye-catching aesthetic that Lolitas love. 

While the fashion movement is based on historical clothing, there are always new and exciting trends emerging. Here are some of the best dark and adorable Gothic Lolita fashion trends this year.

Printed Fabrics

Traditionally, Gothic Lolitas have worn black attire, sometimes adding richly colored jewel tone accents. However, modern Gothic Lolitas are shaking things up with printed fabrics depicting scenes and thematic insignias. Many of these images add a blend of Goth fashion, which is traditionally a separate style.

When shoppers look at a top rated black Lolita dress brand, they're starting to see the addition of skulls, haunted houses, and Halloween-inspired prints. This take is a beautiful blend between two alternative fashion styles that often get confused for one another.

Asymmetrical Cuts

Lolita dresses are known for their bell skirts, plumped up with layers of petticoats underneath. One burgeoning Goth Lolita trend is asymmetrical cuts and uneven hemlines. This look often includes varying layers of different fabrics to create ruffles and added dimensions in the skirt.

In addition to asymmetrical hemlines and high-low skirts, some newer trends include bat and faerie hemlines. These edges add a mythical look that invokes images of Gothic fiction and fantasy novels. 

Bat and Wednesday Collars

In addition to bat hemlines, more Goth Lolita dresses are using bat collars. These collars are recognizable by their sharp points and wing-like edging. Additionally, more Gothic Lolita dresses are taking inspiration from Wednesday Addams' iconic look and adding edgier, triangular white collars to black dresses.

This Goth Lolita trend is a part of a larger style movement that's shifting away from the softer, rounded collars and into sharper, triangular shapes. Some Lolitas are softening the look with lace and taking inspiration from the Weird Sisters on Netflix's The Chilling Adventures of Sabrina

Coats and Capes

Long coats and capes are back in a big way in Gothic Lolita. Rich, warm fabrics that provide ample coverage for the cooler months make a big statement when paired with a dress. Again, asymmetry and sharper cutlines are prevalent in this style.

For those who like a more mystical look, capes and cloaks are also big this year. Look for oversized hoods and layers of fabric to complete this incredible look.

Coats and Capes

Dark Flower Crowns

Flower crowns have been a hot accessory trend for a few years. Generally, these accessories are light and breezy, invoking images of summer and bohemian bliss. The florals usually incorporate pastels and whites for a look that's more Sweet Lolita than Goth.

Gothic Lolitas are claiming this look for their own with dark flower crowns, featuring shades of black, red, and deep green. Many of these crowns also feature metalworks and gold filigree, with light pearls and beads to soften the look. Dark flower crowns are a fantastic accessory for formal events and replace lace headbands and veils.

Celestial Themes

In addition to adding prints to the Gothic Lolita look, many fashionistas are opting for celestial themes. Black dresses are being exchanged for rich shades of navy blue with gold and silver accents. The prints showcase images of the night sky, with a heavy focus on the moon. 

Many Lolitas who have a passion for celestial prints are taking inspiration from Van Gogh's Starry Night and incorporating layers of metallic-printed chiffon for a dreamy, elegant look.

The Gothic Lolita subset promotes individuality and non-conformity. Take these trends and create your own version of this look. 

Dark And Adorable Goth Lolita Fashion Trends