Sepia tinted watercolor portrait of a man with dark hair and dark eyes
June 17, 2020

Give Your Artist the Gift of an Artistic Memory

Sepia tinted watercolor portrait of a man with dark hair and dark eyes

Do you have an artist in your life who is difficult to shop for? The fact that a person you love and care for has an eye for the aesthetic of the objects in their life can make it difficult to know whether you’re purchasing a great gift. One great idea? A custom canvas painting from Paint Your Life.

Gifts for Artists

So, what should you give as a gift when you’re shopping for an artist? There are some answers that seem a little obvious like art supplies. Every artist absolutely loves art supplies, but there’s so much out there! If you’re not an artist yourself or, at the very least, very well informed about supplies and aware of the recipient’s preferences, supplies could be a big flop.

What about actual art? Obviously, artists appreciate art, so a piece of art is likely an ideal gift for an artist. Finding art may not seem as easy as deciding it would make a great gift though. Mass-produced prints don’t seem very special, and a lot of art is way outside the budget for the average person.

You could create a piece of art yourself, though! Handcrafted gifts are always extra-special. They come from the heart, and that’s what gift-giving is all about.

What’s that? You’re not much of an artist? You don’t think you could create art worthy of giving as a gift? No worries. There’s a way you can turn your ideas and photo(s) into the custom painting you’re envisioning in your mind but can’t get onto the canvas so that you can give the best artist gift ever.

A piece of art that depicts a precious memory, one you’ve designed yourself, would be just as special as a piece you created yourself, especially if you’re hoping for a professional quality finish.

Ordering a Custom Portrait for an Artist

The internet is a wonderful thing, isn’t it? It helps us learn, connects us, entertains, and facilitates a significant amount of work in this day and age. You can also use it to find an artist and order your special artist’s portrait from a photo.

Paint Your Life can help you create a custom portrait that you can actually afford. The site connects professional artists with people who are seeking out their services and makes the whole process very easy. Here’s a step-by-step run-down of how to order your custom portrait, including the things you should keep in mind when you’re ordering a gift for an artist.

First, you’ll want to decide which photo you’d like painted. You’ll find some ideas for photos to turn into paintings below.

Second, you’ll want to choose a medium. This choice seems even more important when the painting is for an artist. You can ask yourself a few questions like:

  • Which medium does the artist like to work with the most?
  • Would the artist like a painting in a familiar medium or would they appreciate one they couldn’t or wouldn’t likely use themselves better?
  • What medium is used in the majority of the art they seem to appreciate?
  • How will each medium look in the space where they’ll likely display the painting?

Next, you get to choose an artist. When you’re shopping for an artist, this part is really exciting! You can check out the galleries on Paint Your Life in the medium you’ve chosen to see which artist’s style you think the recipient will really appreciate.

Now for your artistic part! You can make special requests, combine photos, make changes to the photo you’ve chosen, or change your photo into a whole new style. This part of the process is what allows you to make a portrait someone else is painting into a work of your own creative genius.

After the painting is completed, you’ll receive an online proof so that you can ensure your totally happy with the finished product. If you’re not satisfied, your artist can make requested changes.

Last but not least, you’ll choose a frame. Framing is included in the price and there are tons of options to choose from. Pick one that matches the aesthetic of the painting and the décor where it will probably hang.

Choosing the Right Photo

If you’re looking for meaningful, beautiful photos to paint that will make an artist smile, you may have to dig deep! Any ol’ photo won’t do. Here are some ideas of photos that may appeal to artists:

  • Their children
  • Pets
  • Classic portraiture of family members
  • Favorite vacation photos (landscapes are great)
  • Architecture that’s meaningful to them (i.e., first home, childhood home)

Try to choose a photo that has great light, or you can speak to your chosen artist about adjusting the lighting for a more dramatic end result. Whichever photo you choose, consider adding a special touch that’s all you. The artist in your life is sure to appreciate it!


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