Commission Custom Art from Your Photo in the Form of a Painting or Drawing!
July 20, 2020

Commission Custom Art from Your Photo in the Form of a Painting or Drawing!

Art comes in all shapes and sizes. There are murals, statues, sculptures, and more. However, two of the most beautiful types of art are paintings and drawings. Paintings and drawings can capture stunning landscapes, beautiful individual portraits, buildings, flowers, and almost anything else in incredible detail on a page or a canvas. allows anyone to turn a photograph into a spectacular painting or drawing. This is because Paint Your Life has a team of highly trained artists who specialize in creating custom art from photographs. So, with Paint Your Life, all that one has to do to commission a beautiful piece of art is to submit a photograph of his or her choosing to Paint Your Life.

The artist will take it from there and will deliver the completed work within a matter of weeks. People who want to commission paintings and drawings from Paint Your Life can also choose the artist they would like to have do the work for them. Each artist has his or her own style and no two are exactly alike.

A painting's commissioning allows collectors to have a unique, one-of-a-kind work of art in their home, workplace, or another area. A commission gives consumers the option to personalize a painting to their preferences, such as size, color, and aesthetic preferences. Check online Botto gallery!

They can create stunning art from many different types of cute painting ideas.  Customers can browse through the portfolios of all of the artists on the site to find the one that they like the most.

What is the Difference Between Drawing and Painting?

Painting inspiration: custom photo of a couple embracing  

Because Paint Your Life offers both drawings and paintings, many people want to know what the difference is between these two types of art. The answer is that paintings are done with a paint brush and paint, and drawings are done with a pencil or a pen and use ink, charcoal, or graphite.

Some artists prefer to use paint when they are thinking of cool painting ideas, and others prefer to use ink, charcoal, or graphite. Oftentimes, drawings are black and white and do not have a lot of color in them. However, some artists use colored pencils or colored pens to create drawings that are colorful.

Paintings on the other hand, are usually done in color. However, this is not always the case. There is black paint and sometimes artists choose to do an entire painting with black paint on white canvas.  There are many different types of paintings. For example, there are oil paintings, acrylic paintings, watercolor paintings, and more. Each type of painting looks different from the others. People tend to prefer one type of painting and commission their custom works of art in their preferred style.

Choosing Between Paintings and Drawings

Sometimes, making a selection between a custom painting and a custom drawing from Paint Your Life can be difficult. This is because both types of art are very special and very beautiful. If one is not sure which type of art he or she would like to buy, then one should carefully look at samples of the different types of art on the Paint Your Life website.

On the Paint Your Life website, one can see samples of oil paintings, watercolor paintings, pastel paintings, acrylic paintings, charcoal drawings, black pencil drawings, and color pencil drawings. After looking at all of the samples of the different kinds of art, one should be able to tell which one he or she likes best. If not, one can always commission more than one piece of art! Our artists have plenty of painting inspiration and are always ready to create another painting. 

Regardless of which type of art a person commissions from Paint Your Life, he or she will get a great result. This is because each and every single artist who works for paint your life is a genuine artistic master with years of experience. They will capture even the slightest details of the photograph that they are given and create a highly realistic piece of art.

A Wonderful Gift

Many people choose to commission paintings from Paint Your Life for themselves. However, custom paintings from Paint Your Life also make excellent gifts. So, anyone who is looking for a great gift idea for a birthday, a holiday, a graduation, or another special occasion can commission a custom painting from Paint Your Life for a perfect gift.

People tend to have extremely positive reactions to receiving custom paintings as gifts. There are a number of reasons why this is the case. First, they are not expecting to receive such a gift. Second, the paintings are of incredible quality. And third, the paintings are typically very emotional since they are based on a moment from the person’s life.

It is hard to understand exactly how joyful it is to receive a painting from Paint Your Life. But, it is very normal for people to cry tears of joy when they receive custom paintings or custom drawings from Paint Your Life. So, anyone who wants to create a strong positive emotional reaction in a person they care about can commission a custom painting from Paint Your Life and give it as a gift to that person. 

Here is a video that explains exactly how the process of commissioning a custom Painting or Drawing from Paint Your Life works. You can also see a great reaction to a Paint Your Life painting in the video.

How It Works from on Vimeo.