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Choosing the Perfect Plastic Plates and Other Tips for a Successful Food Plating

If you go into a restaurant and other food services, you know how important food plating and presentation are. This is because people are very visual when it comes to food, and if you make it look appetizing, it will certainly catch their interest.

Of course, the taste is important, but you also need it to look visually appealing. That is why you make use of gorgeous plastic plates and food plating techniques, among others, to enhance your customer’s dining experience.

Here are a few tips you can follow for a wonderful food presentation:

Pick the Appropriate Plate

Choosing the perfect plate for your meal is crucial in your presentation. You need to think of the plate as your canvas. The factors that you should also consider are the size and color of the plate.

For the size, ensure that it is big enough to make your food stand out, but it must also be small enough so that the proportions would look right. On the other hand, for the color, you should choose one that will complement your food.

White plates are popularly used because they provide a neutral background. You also need to think carefully about what type of plates you should utilize; it can be ceramic plates or plastic plates.

Placement of the Ingredients is Essential

Food plating revolves around being able to place your ingredients in the right manner. When you plate, you should have a clock in mind. This means that as you place the ingredients, you will picture the face of the clock.

If it’s for dinner, make sure the food with protein should be placed between 3 and 9, for example. If you have moist ingredients, the rule is always to plate them first since they tend to move if they aren’t held down by the other foods.

Pay Attention to Details

As they say, the devil is in the details. You can make your food plating more successful by being thoughtful about every aspect of your plating. Remember that you are an artist creating a food masterpiece.

You can create a beautiful background for your food using leafy greens, for instance. Or, you can add height to the plate to draw the attention of a customer or guest, and many other things. Food plating does require one to be meticulous.

Make Use of the Sauce

After you have finished placing your ingredients, the next step is to design with your delicious sauce. Avoid pouring it carelessly and instead use a spoon, paintbrush, or bottle and create designs or styles that will help enhance the appearance of your plate. You can do things such as creating accent dots or drizzling the sauce.

Use Garnishes Smartly

Keep in mind that garnishes should be related to the meal and should always be edible. You can put them after you have finished with your plating. These garnishes should also be placed smartly and not just for the sake of it.

They should not be piled in one corner and should instead be dispersed for color and texture. Don’t also use garnishes that are unappetizing such as raw herbs.