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Choosing Sunglasses That Your Girlfriend Will Love

Buying a gift for your girlfriend can be difficult. But there’s one thing that she would surely like—a pair of sunglasses. Aside from protecting her eyes from the harsh sunlight, sunglasses are a perfect accessory to complete her look.

Now, the challenge is how to know what sunglasses you should get for your girl because there’s a ton to choose from based on brands, shapes, sizes and styles. A pair of sunnies can give your girlfriend fun and cool vibe, or a feminine and chic look. It can even highlight her facial features and her personality.

So, you would want to select a pair of sunglasses that is functional and suits her style and personality. You also want to ensure that the one you pick is something she would like because it shows how much you are paying attention to what she wants to receive.

To help you choose the right sunglasses as a perfect gift for your girlfriend, we gathered some tips on the things you should consider:

1. The shape of your girlfriend’s face

There are types of sunglasses that suit only certain shapes of the face. Is your girlfriend’s face oval, round, square, rounded or heart-shaped?

If it is round, sharp and angular frames would look great on her, giving her a bold look. Square-shaped lenses and wayfarer would also be suitable and would give her a classic vibe.

For oval faces, square and rectangle frames would work well, giving her a more chiseled, classy and stylish appearance. Cat-eye sunglasses, which are very trendy these days, will be perfect for your girlfriend’s round face, as well as her outgoing personality.

Sunglasses with soft and flowing edges, meanwhile, are ideal for a square face with a strong jaw. This style would soften the defined lines on her face. Round-shaped frames would also look good, and square frames would highlight her boldness and strong-willed personality.

For heart-shaped faces, round and oval glasses would be ideal to soften the lines. Pick the clubmaster sunglasses for her because its heavy top details and round edges will soften her sharp cheekbones.

Still having a hard time? You can’t go wrong with the classic aviator sunglasses. It suits all shapes of faces, although it’s best for square and diamond faces.

2. Your girlfriend’s hairstyle

How does your girlfriend wear her hair most of the times? If she has short hair, oversized glasses are the way to go. They will make her face look smaller and cute, as well as give her a chic look.

Does she have a long and wavy hair? Then, you should buy her a pair of rectangular frames that would look really classy on her. Square-shaped lenses, on one hand, would look great on her if she has layered hair or bangs.

As it fits all kinds of face, aviator sunglasses also work well regardless of what your girlfriend’s hairstyle is.

3. How the sunglasses could protect her eyes

The sunglasses you should buy should also be functional as much as it is fashionable. As such, looking at the level of protection a pair of sunnies could provide her is something to be considered.

Go for sunglasses that would shield her eyes well from the sun, ideally the ones that could block more than 95 percent of UVA and UVB rays. Close-fitting wraparound sunglasses are recommended because they sit close to the face, blocking out the sun’s rays from all sides. Avoid flat lenses that will let the light sneak in.

Choose sunglasses that are polarized if she likes to go out on sunny days. A pair of polarized glasses can reduce the glare and prevent her from squinting.

If she likes going to the beach or in snowy places, get her a pair of mirrored sunglasses. It limits the amount of light entering the eyes, making them ideal for places with bright light conditions.

Does she like to drive around? Gradient lenses would be perfect. They are tinted from the top down, and the top part is the darkest to shield her eyes from overhead sunlight. The lower part is lightly tinted so she can see the dashboard better.

Keep these tips in mind when you go shopping for your girlfriend. Good luck finding the perfect pair of sunglasses for her! If you’re looking to buy sunglasses online then check out Great Southern sunnies for a great range of designer sunglasses.

Choosing Sunglasses That Your Girlfriend Will Love