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Chicago - The City That Has It All

It’s a common urge among people to travel and discover new destinations, especially cities which offer something different and out-of-the-ordinary during their stay.

The city of Chicago is one such destination, effortlessly combining beauty, an unusual climate, buildings, sports and gastronomy. If you decide to visit, you’ll quickly find out why it’s called "the Windy City".

Visitors will also have the opportunity to take the Chicago Food Tour, a great option for anyone looking to appreciate the city’s excellent cuisine while getting to know its inimitable architecture and history.

Chicago - The City That Has It All

Chicago’s famous food

Sitting down to eat in this city, you’ll enjoy a cultural variety and gastronomic heritage dating back over 150 years.

People from all over the world have settled in Chicago over time, and this blend of different cultures has influenced the city’s traditional cuisine as a result.

First up on the Chicago Food Tour is the city’s famous deep-dish pizza, which stands out for its flavor and presentation. 

Then, after a short break to enjoy the imposing cultural sights and sounds of the Harold Washington Library, participants can sample the delicious gourmet Pop Corn which is so typical of Chicago.

The high point of the tour involves sampling Chicago-style hotdogs, covered with pretty much every topping except tomato ketchup, which is frowned upon in Chicagoan food culture.

At the top of the Willis Tower, once the tallest building in the world which boasts a glass floor and excellent views of the city, you’ll be presented with a mysterious secret dish, and eat a truly unique Italian meat sandwich.

Finally, for dessert - did you know that the brownie was invented in Chicago? Find out the whole story about this well-known sweet treat, while trying some of the best brownies in town.

All told, this tour lasts around 3 hours. During this time, you’ll get to know the city while also having the opportunity to taste its incredible local dishes.

Secret tours

Chicago has a wide range of excellent Secret Food Tours. But not everything is about food; you’ll want to have a drink while you’re in town as well.

Luckily we have just the tour for you, which lasts about 3 hours and encompasses a wide range of local beverages.

The tour includes a selection of craft beers at a series of local bars, with an accompaniment of delicious sandwiches. A hamburger with fig sauce provides sustenance during the drinking sessions.

The tour concludes on the rooftop of one of the oldest pubs in the world, with another secret dish.

Chicago - The City That Has It All

What to do in Chicago?

Chicago is a fantastic city, no matter what your preferences. As mentioned before, the Willis Tower is a must-see, with over 100 stories. The viewing gallery has a glass floor and bay windows offering an incredible view of the city and beyond.

Millennium Park is another popular spot, where you can enjoy beautiful landscapes. Elsewhere, the Field Museum contains fossil remains of animals, Egyptian mummies, precious stones and a complete Tyrannosaurus Rex skeleton. Definitely worth a trip!

The Museum of Contemporary Art is also highly recognized worldwide, hosting works by artists such as Andy Warhol, Francis Bacon, and René Magritte, as well as a creative (albeit exclusive) restaurant.

Grant Park is home to 129 hectares of tranquil greenery, and a number of fun tourist attractions. And if you have time, check out the city’s quirky L System – an elevated network of trains which allows tourists and residents to move around town quickly and efficiently.

As we saw earlier, Chicago is a real melting pot of different cultures, and neighborhoods such as Chinatown or Little Italy are highly representative of this unique blend of influences.

Meanwhile, if you are a sports fan then you have to visit the United Center, where the Chicago Bulls play their NBA games. This iconic stadium is part of the great history of basketball – the site where Michael Jordan played and won six NBA rings with this world-beating team.

With so many options, Chicago is sure to provide visitors with a unique experience. And as you visit its great tourist attractions, don’t forget to fall in love with its food as well!