Casual Wedding Ideas
August 25, 2020

Casual Wedding Ideas for Those on a Budget

Every bride and groom are different, and sometimes having a casual wedding is the perfect choice! Not only is it more affordable, but you can have a fun, stress-free wedding with your friends and family. In this article, we are going to be discussing some casual wedding ideas that are perfect for laid-back couples on a budget. Sound interesting? Let’s get started!

Fun at the fair

Are you a couple that love fun and games? Why not consider having your wedding at the local fair! You can get some incredible photos on the rides and enjoy some of your favorite traditional fair food. While you do have to confirm this is ok with the organizers, more times than not, they are happy to accommodate.

Just remember to wear some comfortable wedding shoes or rain boots if you will be in a field! It will certainly be a wedding like no other that your guests will remember for life!

Beautiful beach sunset

Beach weddings can look like something out of a fairy-tale and a great for couples that love the sunshine and the outdoors. As they are usually a more intimate event, you can save money on guests. On top of this, you can combine your wedding and ceremony into one! You also hardly need any decorations, as the beautiful scenery is breathtaking on its own. Many resorts offer all-inclusive packages to help you save even more money, so make sure you check them out. Looking to get married in Florida? Check out Destin Beach Weddings for more information.

Backyard bliss

Definitely, one of the most affordable choices is to have a backyard wedding, of course! This way, you don’t have to pay for a venue, and all of your family and friend can pitch in to help out.

Don’t have a large enough space? Another great idea is to hire an Airbnb for a few days. They are more affordable than a venue, and you can do all of the setting up yourself. Check out these DIY backyard wedding decorations for some inspiration.

Hall magic

Another great and affordable option for those that live in smaller towns is to consider hiring your local hall. You can dress it up to look absolutely stunning, and they are often very affordable to rent.

You can DIY your own decorations, hire a band, and organize some local catering. It’s perfect for couples that want something laid-back with their closet family and friends. You can even make it interesting with a karaoke machine, or open mike!

Food truck indulgence 

Catering for a large wedding can be expensive; however, some clever couples have come up with a great solution. Food truck weddings are becoming increasingly popular, and a great way to keep your guests fed.

You can hire plenty of different options depending on your guest count so that there is something that everyone enjoys. Sometimes a good old burger or hotdog is better than any fancy catering! Check out these tips for planning your food truck wedding if you are interested!

Farm-stay fun

If you and your significant other have a passion for animals, then a great choice for your wedding is to have it at a farm-stay! The cute and cuddly animals will make for some great photos, and a barn can be dressed up to be a wonderfully rustic reception.

It can be a little messy, but that’s what some people love. It can also take a little planning to execute, but it still is undoubtedly a great idea for farm lovers. Horses, sheep, alpacas, and goats anyone!

Vegas vibes 

Last one, the list, definitely one of the most affordable ways to get married, is to run away to Vegas! With some weddings starting at $49, you can get hitched without worrying about all the drama involved with a proper wedding.

With so many little chapels and impersonators to make the ceremony even more unique, it will be a wedding like no other! However, if you are willing to spend a little bit more on your wedding budget, check out the High Roller Observation Wheel packages for a sunset wedding ceremony in the sky!

And that’s it! This was seven casual wedding ideas for couples on a budget. Not only are they unique, but you can still have an incredible ceremony with all of your closet loved ones! What do you think? Would you try out one of these unique and casual wedding ideas?

Casual Wedding Ideas