Lapasa thermal underwear
December 24, 2017

Canada is not just colder, is cooler. Stay warm this winter.

Winter is already here and the cold is quite much, hence there is need to stay warm.

Lapasa is obviously the best winter underwear thermal men for you to choose this winter. It is made of 90% polyester 10% spandex fabric which makes it one of the most sought-after winter apparel for men to stay warm. It provides extra comfort as this clothing material is soft and elastic.

This men’s thermal underwear is cheaper than most other thermal underwear with better quality.

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Why You Should Wear Lapasa Men’s Thermal Underwear this Winter


Most thermal underwear that is made of cotton does poorly in insulating the body from heat loss and allows the cold to filter in.

Lapasa men’s thermal underwear prevents the body from heat loss and hinders the cold from getting to the body through the brushed back fabric.

It minimizes bulk keeping the body warm with minimal space and maximum flexibility.

You Will Stay Dry

In other to stay warm this winter you have to stay dry. Lapasa is built with high-tech fabric to keep away moisture and promote warmness and its retention to the body.

This is one of the features of Lapasa that makes it better thermal underwear than other cotton and fabrics.

Easy Laundry

Washing and maintenance of Lapasa thermal underwear are easy. It is safe to be washed with warm water. Lapasa takes less time to dry after washing.

To enhance maintenance and to achieve a better result it has to be washed inside out.

You don’t need to worry about losing the shape of your thermal underwear as they are safe to be dried outside or using a dryer.

No Skin Irritation

Most skin irritation that is induced by a cloth is due to the tags on this cloth.

To prevent skin irritation, the tags on the Lapasa men’s thermal underwear are easily removable without denting the look of its fabrics.

Lapasa men’s thermal underway is definitely the right clothing material to keep you warm during the cold times.  It’s Christmas time so we have a surprise for you 5% discount on code LIFESTYLE at their Amazon shop


Thermal underwear for men

Thermal underwear for men

Thermal underwear for men

Thermal underwear for men