Can you sell Rolex in London- the Easy Way?
January 29, 2022

Can you sell Rolex in London- the Easy Way?

Have you made your decision to sell Rolex but do not know where to go? Well, you have come to the right place then. Selling your hard-earned Rolex is a big decision in itself, and when you do it, you surely want the best value for it.

If you’ve spent countless nights wondering what’s the best way to ‘sell my Rolex, keep reading as we aim to cover some of the most asked questions about ‘Sell Rolex’.

sell Rolex in London

How to sell Rolex in London?

Your instinct will be to take it to a random seller and find out the value. But wait! Before you take your Rolex to get appraised, we suggest that you take the time to do a little more research. While you can always sell it the way you want, a little research doesn’t harm!

There are several ways by which you can sell Rolex watch, but as a first-time seller, you surely need an easy way out. Either you can go to a trustworthy & reputed watch buyer right away or have the patience to figure out a few details. Don’t worry; we have got you covered.

Here’s how you can start!

  • Find the Reference Number

The first thing to unearth before visiting a Rolex buyer is to find out the reference number of your Rolex model. It is a 4-6 digit number that is etched into the side of the case, between the lugs at 12 o’clock. Because of its position, you might have to remove the bracelet to find it out.

However, you can skip this if you have the correct documents for your Rolex. Wait! Do you have them or don’t? We shall keep it for later.

  • Locate the Serial Number

Each Rolex has a unique serial number. You can find the serial number of your Rolex in two locations:

  • If the Rolex is before 2004, the case will have the serial number etched.
  • If the watch is after 2005, the serial number is present on the rehaute (ring b/w the dial & the crystal) of the watch’s case.
  • What is the market value of your Rolex model?

This is tricky and a critical perspective when you want to sell Rolex. You probably might have imagined an approximate figure of your Rolex. But is it what you’re going to receive in the pre-owned market? Who’s going to decide, you or the watch buyer?

None! It is the market value of your Rolex watch at that moment that is going to decide. The market value of your Rolex is what the buyer is willing to pay for that specific model, which can be either value more or less the amount you purchased it for.

  • Is your Rolex in good condition?

As a top-tier brand, Rolex will always sell for a good value, but that brings us to our question, is it in good question? Having a Rolex in good condition will surely pay you a higher value than the cracked or damaged one.

Here are a few factors that can help you understand the condition of your Rolex.

  • Visual Defect: If your Rolex shows any sign of visible defect in the form of scratches, defects, or knocks, it can negatively influence the overall value of the watch.
  • Dial: If the dial's glass is in a poor state, making it difficult to see the time, it can further impact the value.
  • Bracelet: Does your Rolex have the full bracelet or a few missing links? The latter can decrease the value of your watch.

Apart from this, a few other factors will influence the value.

  • Movement: Is your Rolex sporting quartz, manual, or automatic movement? Remember that the former will always fetch you a lower price than the other two.
  • Material: Rolex of any finish is worthy, but when you sell Rolex in London, the watch with a gold finish will attract a different value than a steel one.
  • Strap: Quite obvious! A Rolex with a steel or gold bracelet will undoubtedly fetch you a higher value than the one with a leather strap.
  • Do you have the Original Rolex Box & Papers?

As promised, we shall discuss this too. Having the original manuals, case, instructions, guarantee certificate, or manufacturer’s documentation will surely add up to the value of your luxury Rolex watch. But what if you lost it all?

 Not to worry, you can still sell Rolex watch. The accompanying boxes and papers will add value when you want to sell Rolex.  But with a trustworthy dealer, you can always sell the watch without them.

After all this discussion, it must seem to be a little harder to sell Rolex in London, isn’t it?

Well, no, if you know the right place to visit!

Where to sell Rolex in London?

When you search online with terms like ‘sell my Rolex’, you’ll get exposed to countless options, out of which many will even try to scam you. Of course, you do not want to get into any impulsive decision, do you?

The first step towards fetching a fair value when selling Rolex in London, is finding a reliable watch buyer. You can skip the entire hit and trial process by getting in touch with the experts at The Luxury Hut. Experience and Professionalism are the two words that significantly matters in the pre-owned market.

Bringing both the qualities straightforwardly and reliably, the experts at The Luxury Hut will try to make the watch selling process easy and convenient for you.

They have over 40 years of combined experience in the niche industry and are entirely well-versed with the dos and don’ts, making them even more approachable. After a short evaluation period, the professionals offer you INSTANT cash!

Are you interested? Let’s tell you a little more about their ‘Sell Rolex’ process, shall we?

Sell Rolex in London with 4 easy steps

  • Fill in the online form

Start by filling in an easy online form to sell Rolex watch.

  • FREE instant quote

Provide as many details as possible about your Rolex, including the age, condition, model, and others, to get an Instant FREE Quote!

  • Send The Watch

Do you like what you see (your Rolex quote)? If yes, send the experts your Rolex for final evaluation. To make it easier, they offer a Contact-Free Home collection along with a pre-paid shipping label.

  • ON-SPOT Cash!

After carefully evaluating your Rolex watch, the specialists will offer you a final quote. Agree to get ON-SPOT Cash. It’s that simple!

No wait and no unnecessary messing with words. You step out with the right and fair value for your Rolex watch in London. Also, you do not have to worry about having your Rolex’s original box & papers. You can still sell Rolex watch to them but expect the value to differ.

The experts at The Luxury Hut have a firm reputation for offering the best possible price for any Rolex watch. So, get in touch with them today!


Avoid getting ripped in the pre-owned watch market by finding reliable watch buyers to sell Rolex in London. The professionals at The Luxury Hut will carefully evaluate the condition of your watch to quote you a final price that is ideally the best in the market!

Alternatively, take your time to uncover all the details and find out the value of your Rolex before you step into the market to sell Rolex watch.