Boutique Baller: London's New Designer Streetwear Store
April 25, 2022

Boutique Baller: London's New Designer Streetwear Store

Boutique Baller

Situated in Londons' prestigious West End, our Mayfair store, Boutique Baller, is a leading UK retailer for exclusive streetwear fashion, sneakers, and art collectibles. Our aim has always been to curate all your favourite brands for purchase in one single and easy to access store. Our team are all passionate streetwear and collectible street art fans but found often getting our hands on specific styles, designs, and colours challenging in the UK market with most brands primarily elsewhere. We had to look further afield to score their favourites, often requiring additional shipping and customs costs while sourcing favourites from more than one shop. This need created the initial idea for Boutique Baller as a store where all the items we love could be in one place and easily purchased online. Since then, we have established a trusted reputation in the market for having the best rare and unique pieces for our clients.

Our Brands

Our collection sees new additions every day as our team works to bring together the latest designer items. Our store staple brands include Supreme, Jordan, Nike, Yeezy, Off White, Vlone, and Travis Scott, while our art collectibles include Bearbrick, Kaws, Murakami, and New Balance, to name a few. We also heavily focus on finding great collaboration pieces between our favourite brands, with The North Face, Honda, Jean-Paul Gaultier, and Uniqlo featuring in clothing and footwear collaborations. 

We offer clothing, including outerwear, hoodies, t-shirts, headwear and bottoms, with our sneakers coming in Adult and children's sizes. Our collectible art figurines range is also extensive with fashion, art, and a host of pop culture entertainment, film and TV characters featured in the designs on offer. 

Our Ambition

Our Boutique Baller store aims to provide a single shopfront to get every brand and design you could hope for in one place while ensuring each item is authentic and is what it's listed to be. Along with the great location and a luxe store, our extensive stock range entices customers from around the UK, attracting those with a love of exclusivity and rarity, looking for the latest and greatest from their favourite brands.

Our range is excellent for collectors while also stocking the best items for fashion-forward individuals to add to their wardrobe. The boutique has something for everyone, so we will undoubtedly have something for you. So whether you are after Streetwear fashion or a collaboration from your favourite artist, you're a sneakerhead after your next pair, or you want to add to your art figurine collection, take a look at our range. Boutique Baller has what you want. 

Get Your Designer Streetwear and Collectibles at Boutique Baller

Boutique Baller's entire range is available to purchase on our extensive website with delivery options available. Alternatively, visit us in Mayfair to experience the store, view our exclusive and rare collection of items in person, and buy with peace of mind. We look forward to helping you personally discover what it means to be a Baller.