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BLXBuds Reviews 2021: Does BLXBuds Actually Work?

BLXBuds Reviews 2021

Well, if you are among those who follow the trends, then you must have heard of the name of BLXbuds, which are known as ultra-lightweight earbuds. Recently these earbuds have received a lot of hype as it is stated that they have very high-quality audio and do not cost much at the same time.

There are some sources that have stated that these earbuds can act as a threat to high-end brands that produce similar quality earbuds. This is so because the features and benefits that it offers are quite better than other earbuds that fall under the same price.

Moreover, these earbuds do not cost much, which is why they can easily be a threat to some expensive brands. So finally, it's time to do a brief BLXbuds review to understand whether these are actually worthwhile or not.

What are BLXBuds?

BLXBuds are one of the new models of earbuds that are wireless. They can be used to listen to music, videos, games, or any podcasts. They are designed in such a manner that you can easily wear them and are comfortable and portable at the same time. Since these earbuds are wireless, there is no hassle, and you can wear them at any time and anywhere that you want. In addition, the price of these buds is not too much, so even if you have a smaller budget, you can easily purchase them.

Technical Specs of BLXBuds

  •     Silicon made in-ear tips that are of high grade and are comfortable to wear
  •     Dual microphones
  •     IPX 4 water-resistant
  •     Bluetooth 5.1 version
  •     It does not drain much phone battery
  •     Dual microphones
  •     Compatible with PCs, iOS, and Android devices
  •     TWS dual stereo wireless earbuds
  •     Connectivity range of 10 meters
  •     Audio range varies from 20 Hz to 20 kHz
  •     Chris and crystal clear sounds
  •     Deep bass
  •     Long-lasting battery up to 60 hours of use
  •     Type-C ultra-fast charging port
  •     Hands-free calling
  •     Charges within 1 hour

Does BLXBuds really work?

If you look at the customer reviews of BLXBuds, then for sure it does box really well and also offers high sound quality. Maximum of the reviews of these earbuds are positive, which can easily make anyone purchase them. Not only are they less expensive, but at the same time, the connection time that it takes is very less, and the battery life turns out to be longer than expected. The only steps that you need to do to start using these earbuds are as follows:

  •     Turn the earbuds on and wait for a few seconds.
  •     Now turn on the Bluetooth of the device that you want to connect it with.
  •     Search for the earbuds name and then connect it

Once the connection is made, you can start listening to your favorite music, and that too in high-quality audio and a crystal clear sound with balanced bass.

Feature or things we liked about BLXBuds

There are many features that this year's buds possess, and some of the major features are mentioned below:

  •     Wireless earbuds that can minimize the tangling of cords when you are working or playing.
  •     It is quite easy to use.
  •     The earbuds are highly portable, and you can also use them while doing workouts.
  •     If there is an incoming call coming on your phone, you can take it with the help of earbuds without even touching your phone.
  •     Since the inner earpiece is made by using silicone, it gives supreme comfort while wearing for a long period of time.
  •     As it covers 10 meters of range, you can keep your phone or connected device at a place and roam around in your house or office with connectivity still in place.
  •     It is so light in weight that you may sometimes forget to even feel that they are still plugged in your ears.


Well, to date, there has not been any serious complaint regarding these buds, so we can easily say that they don't have any particular disadvantage that may interrupt their quality.

Our Recommendation

So, looking at an overview of these earbuds, we can definitely say that we will definitely recommend BLXBuds. There is nothing wrong or negative stated about these earbuds, so you can easily invest in them.