Best Wrestling Mats for Home
September 15, 2018

Best Wrestling Mats for Home

One common trait among all champions is continuous training and practising to hone their skills even in cases when they do not have upcoming competitions. To become the best at what you do, especially wrestlers, you have to practice even at home, and this necessitates working out on your best wrestling mat.

While continuous training is vital in improving one’s skills, safety is equally crucial especially when training or working out alone at home. Having a high quality, durable, and comfortable wrestling mats at home are inevitable.
Just like a gymnast,

I workout on my home wrestling mat to become a better wrestler than merely depending on training at the gym. Through checking online stores, reviews from customers, and backed with my experiences working out on multiple wrestling mats in different environments, below is a list of best home wrestling mats you need to own at least one;

1. Dollarmur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat

Thickness: 1.25”
Size: 10’ x 10’
This Dollarmur wrestling mat is my best home wrestling mat among the various mats I have used. This mat is made with odor prevention technology coupled with high shock absorption capability. The mats are light and easy to set up and/or rollup.

2. Everlast 2’ by 6’ Folding Mat

The main advantage of the Everlast folding mat is its ease of use. This mat could be used for multiple forms of workouts at home. The mat is easily foldable as there is no time or energy wasted in assembling the different parts of wrestling like other mats. The mat has a non-absorbent feature that makes it easy to clean and does not soak up sweat that could make training on the mat unpleasant.

3. AK Athletics Roll-Up 8? x 8? Wrestling Mat for Home Use

This wrestling mat meets the specification of safety for use at home, in schools, and gyms. The 8’x8’ wrestling mat is the most popular one with 13/8” thick cross-linked polyethylene form to offer support to the ankles, wrists, and throwdowns. The mat has an antimicrobial and antifungal covering. What’s more, you can order directly from AK Athletics your home wrestling mat. The mat can be customized with your colors and sizes to suit your home training needs and preferences.

4. EZ Flex Home Wrestling Mat

This mat meets the standard requirements for safety and comes in two sections each 5’ by 10’ making it easy to set up and use. The mat is light and meets the

competition quality requirements. The advantage of this mat is its portability and the fact that the manufacturer ships it for free. However, this wrestling mat has a drawback as it starts to smell quickly if not well taken care of.


The most suitable way to give yourself a competitive edge in the sporting scene is continuous training. Wrestling mats for the home are some of the items you need to work out as much as you can.

Buy a practice wrestling mat that not only falls within your budgetary limits but also is durable, quality, and meets the standard requirements for safety.

The ease of set-up, portability, and the materials or technology with which the mats are made should guide you on what wrestling mat to own for your home workout. I recommend Dollarmur Flexi-Roll Wrestling Mat.

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